Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fit for A King

I'm all dressed in my Easter finery and waiting for my chariot... well, my ride to church. Everyone will be going today but Dave and he has to work.

I know there are numerous folks will be making merry with prize eggs and bunnies and chicks. We didn't do eggs this weekend because it has been pouring rain for days and would only be a mess. I don't particularly miss it. I don't believe in Easter bunnies and eggs. I loved hunting the as a child but you can hunt eggs any time.

There will be numerous folks all decked out today the way we will be. They will be excited because they have a new outfit and will look the best they have looked in a long time.

I not need to search in an empty tomb for the prize. I am dressed in a new garment that bears neither spot or wrinkle. The prize lies in the fact that the tomb is empty. Everyone can win and everyone can wear a garment fit for a King because He lives.

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