Monday, August 25, 2014

A Handle on Time

Things are just rather strange these days. I don't know what day it is most of the time. It seems that my life was geared to a clock in a way I never noticed. My day started at 7 a.m. and ended around 6 p.m. I only say six because that's about when I finished up any evening meal I would have after work and after that I was pretty much useless.

Now that I'm retired, I get up and don't know what day it is. I still have my alarm set for 7 a.m. but I may get up at 7 or 8 or 9. A few times I got up at 6 a.m. and didn't know what time it was because the clock hadn't gone off. The sky was very light so I just thought it was time to get up. When I realized the time I was annoyed. Of course I didn't go back to bed because what would be the point. I was up and awake.

Anyway, days of the week are the most difficult. I really can't seem to keep track. I've missed a couple of appointments because of this disorientation. I probably should get a calendar and put it up. The clock photos shows an astrological clock and it provides not only time, but the months with the astrological signs, not that I care, and I think day of the week. That's what I need on the wall in the living room. And it is rather pretty.

I haven't needed a calendar at home for a long time. I live alone and I used my work calendar since that is where most of my time was managed. I use Google Calendar to schedule personal appointments but that means I have to be on my computer or have my phone in my hand. When I worked I knew the weekends because there were only two days, never enough time, and I was exhausted. No one had to tell me it was Saturday.

This week I'm trying to turn over a new leaf... not really.. I just want to attempt to structure my time better. I want to spend less time on the computer wasting time and more time writing. I also have to clean up and dispose of a lot of stuff that is lying around. I have to do some wall patching, painting, and just clean out the storage areas to get rid of stuff I haven't touched in years. Cleaning my house was something I used to relish. Now, I can't seem to let go of anything. Still, I want to try. I'd like to get back to crochet and sewing but of course I have to get those areas cleaned out. They're just cluttered and not very useful at the moment. I'm not a full fledged hoarder... yet, but I can see how easily I could become one.

So, today is Monday. I have an appointment this morning and Sarah will come after school today. I have to finish the laundry. I worked on that a couple of days ago and am almost done with it. I hate folding sheets. A lot. But it has to be done. Once the laundry is done. I have to start looking patching the damage to the ceiling and sanding the area already patched in that room from some repairs done... a while ago. It is hard and dusty work. I figure if I take it slow I'll be fine.

If I'm lucky, I might have enough stuff to get rid of that I could actually set it out for a small yard sale. I'm not optimistic but one can only hope. If I made $10 I'd be ahead.


  1. Yard sales are fun, especially if you have help with you.

  2. I use Google Calendar - it links to my smartphone (works better with an Android) and my daughter links it to hers, and I get hers too. Printable, too. Yard sales can be an enjoyable experience, as long as your hopes aren't too high. You meet a wide variety of people! David used to box up junk (yes, pure junk!) and tell people that if that take that (something they are willing to pay for) they get this (his junk.) At least stuff got cleared out!