Saturday, August 2, 2014

Runaway Train
My week felt like a runaway train. From the start on Monday I was running flat out and didn't stop until sometime around the middle of the day on Friday. I wish I could tell you about it but it went so fast that I can only hit the highlights.

Most of my time was spent trying to get the August recertifications completed, which I did by Wednesday. We had move briefing on Wednesday and since it was my last one, I got to do the presentation. I love doing those anyway so it was fun. 

The four case managers, me, Carolyn, Stacey, and Penny went to lunch on Wednesday and on Thursday, Carolyn and I went with Dena (admissions clerk) and Valerie (inspection clerk). Thursday afternoon they threw us a retirement party. Carolyn's last day was Thursday and mine Friday but it was more efficient and economical to do one reception. It was really nice. I've detailed it on Facebook but for the non-FB'ers I'll review here.

The agency gave us a nice retirement send-off. It was Carolyn's last day and mine was Friday.  The first photos is of the girls I work with most closely. The tall older lady on the end is Martha, an inspector who retired several years ago, so nice of her to come. Next is Carolyn, Penny, me & Stacey. We're the case managers. Penny is the only one left of the original six case managers when I was hired. Stacy came in about 8 or 9 yrs ago. 

The next photo shows our boss, Marques & on the opposite end, next to Stacey, is Gayle. She was the agency receptionist when I started and is now a site manager. She is an awesome and intimidating receptionist but we got no flack from clients when Gayle was in charge of the front desk. She's a sweetheart. There are photos of the refreshment table and the cake and then the gifts. 

They did a lot for us. My department gave both us $50 in Amazon Kindle gift cards, and a lottery ticket, of which I really could use even $100K! The pink glass with the suckers is from Dena, the admissions clerk and has DumDum suckers in it and says "Work is for....". 

They gave us the centerpieces made by Debbie in HR. They're so cute. Cake was made by Debbie's daughter-in-law and was delicious. We were given recognition certificates and mine says 16 years. As of September 14 it would have been 16 years. I was only about a month and a half shy of it.

Nice speech by the Executive director and the supervisor. My whole department was surprised by the supervisor's speech. He did very well and said some nice things. Considering Carolyn and I have been the biggest thorn in his side, he was very generous. Had he been so generous when I needed generosity, I might not have decided to quit. But, I try not to harbor grudges and I remind myself of the times when he was more kind to me that I expected. I would not have been able to work at all when Jerry died if he had not been kind. I will let God take care of the rest. 

I did love this job and the people I worked with were the best in the business. For more than 14 years we've been a "High Performer". We were the third largest housing authority in the state with avg. of 1900 tenants. Our SEMAP scores were always above 90. I will miss the challenges but not the stress.

On Friday trained I Stacey and Penny on how to hook up the computer and projector to do the PowerPoint presentations we do at the move briefing. I generally do this for everyone. We went over that and I went through all my pending items with Penny and turned over two months of re-certifications to be done, several moves in progress, and pending interims. I went through documents on my computer and forwarded several to the appropriate people so they could have them to use. Since I created all forms and documents in the department, it was necessary to get them those we use most often or things I thought they might benefit from using. I sent emails to corporate regarding the landlord account procedures and the landlord handbook, which I actually wrote, compiled, and designed. Not bad if I do say so.

By noon, I was on the phone doing my usual Friday lunch cover for the receptionist. Once that was done, I went to lunch about 1 p.m. and when I returned I gave Penny my keys and finished clearing my computer, deleting Chrome and all my personal items and changing the voice mail on my phone. At 4:15 I said my goodbyes and left the building for the last time.

No, I didn't cry. One of the girls did and that almost made me cry but only for a minute because I don't like seeing people sad. I left with a smile on my face. . . and a much lighter load on my back. 

Next stop...


  1. I'm so happy for you. And you and I know why, Good luck on your next chapter.

    1. Thank you so much, Wanda. I understand completely. I hope you can catch the train soon. It is going to be rough but there are worse things than too little money.

  2. A whole new world next week. Just think, you could call me during the day!!