Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bad Habits

I was wracking my brain about ideas for a post today and finally succumbed to my trusty list of sites that have ideas for blog posts. Somehow that always seems like cheating. I read through several on one list before finding one. I don't know why it was so hard. Honestly, the suggestions were not that complicated. Here's one. What is the one thing you're most ashamed of and why? Actually, the questions was to list my bad  habits or addictions and if and how I've tried to get rid of them.

Seriously. I'm in a quandary over it. My bad habits are not really something I'd go around telling anyone about. Would you? Admittedly, I don't have a tremendous amount of bad habits. I'm obsessive about certain things. I like order and structure. Clutter agitates me. No really, it does. I get very stressed when things are cluttered. I have two rooms right now that I avoid looking in because I've got to go in there and straightened things up. I finished the living room except for rehanging pictures and getting a couple of wall lamps. My plan is to take a room a week and work on it,  clearing out the stuff that needs to be disposed of or put away.

I suppose my worst habit is putting things off. I've gotten worse at this in the last few years. I know something needs doing and I drag my heels. I don't know why and I don't know how to fix it. But is this really a bad habit or just laziness?

No, I can't put my finger on a really bad habit. Sometimes I go to bed without showering. Not often but I've had a few days where I was so exhausted and felt so bad that I really didn't care. I usually change the sheets the next day and get a shower as soon as I get up.

Oh, and sometimes I forget to brush my teeth. This really is a terrible thing. Of course, I always go and brush them as soon as I remember... unless I'm at the doctor's office. . . or something like that.

I eat things I know are terrible for me,  like ice cream. Of course, that's made with milk and women need extra calcium so I think this isn't a very bad habit at all.

In more recent months, I've neglected to put away the laundry. . . for up to three weeks. I know! I know! Terrible! But I just pull out what I need and leave the rest. I do hang up my street clothes... most of the time.

Oh.. wait... sometimes... I forget to ... really this is just terrible.... I forget to take the garbage to the street, sometimes for two weeks in a row! They've given us these huge dumpsters on wheels that we just roll down but I just forget. I generally leave it at the street so I have to carry the garbage to the street and dump it in the container.

I'm sure there's probably more bad habits I have but I have to think about it. I think these might be the worst.

Oh, and I have, once or twice, belched in public. But I always say excuse me.

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