Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Lefthanded Day

It is amazing how much difference a tiny pill can make. The pain reached proportions I couldn't manage yesterday and something whispered in my ear, "Take an Imitrex." I paused, thought about it, and decided it couldn't hurt. I had to go pick up the prescription at the pharmacy but that's OK. I took one when I got back home, sat down in the recliner with my neck supported and spent the next few hours dozing and trying to watch Hercule Poirot. I woke around 4 and my neck wasn't hurting.

So, this is definately a migraine trigger point. Must remember to take the pill sooner. Take doxepin a few times a week.

I got up at 7:30 this morning... on purpose. I've had my vacation. I've lain around watching t.v. and reading and trying to deal with the pain. Nothing is getting done and I'm now bored. So, I set my clock last night and after my morning coffee, I went to the cemetery for my walk.

First, there was no yellow tape cordoning off the section where I saw the police yesterday. I was disappointed. In fact, the corner looked just as it usually did, still has that hanging branch that a vagrant could use as shelter.

I got half way around the park and realized that two miles is probably not going to happen for a few weeks. All the flareups I've had have left my hip and back in an unpredictable state. I'm not hurting as I was a week ago but the three times I've walked since I got home have shown me that I'm not going to be able to push myself. So, I've fallen back to one mile, more or less. I'm fine with it for now but I want to get my distance back up. I didn't even break a sweat out there today. Of course, the last two days are just lovely so, you have to work to sweat.

I came home, got out the weed trimmer and trimmed all around the house. Mike was going to come do it this weekend but I've got something else I want him to do and it will take him hours to do the trim work and he won't be much use after the fact. So, I've got it done all around the house and walkway. It looks good but I have to say Mike did a better job than me. And I cut down some flowers. Fortunately, they weren't that big a deal. They were Four O'clocks that just have been so stubborn to grown. I didn't create a bed for them, just dug a hole and put them in it. They've not grown well but they're on the south side of the porch, where nothing I have ever planted has grown for some reason. I don't know if it is the soil or what. I have decided to cover the are with a ground cover, put mulch or gravel on top of it and forget about it. It is just too much of a pain to deal with and you can't even get the lawn mower in that area.

Once I finished with the trimming, I was tired but surprisingly, nothing hurt. I've always found that certain activities, like rowing, actually make my shoulders and neck feel better. I have no way to get that same effect but using the trimmer seemed to mimic it a bit. Now, tomorrow... we'll see if I can even move.

I had no idea it was International Lefthanders Day. I'm a lefty and you'd think I'd know these things. I just don't keep up with it much. I mean... that's just how I write.

It has been a week of terrible loss. Robin Williams killed himself. Such a tragedy. As usual, the papers and blogs and television shows are all pumping it for all it is worth. I do hope someone remembers to point out the fact that depression is a murderer. It will kill its victim unless recognized and treated. I find it the ultimate tragedy that a man as public and well loved as Mr. Williams has become the victim of this disease. How sad he lost all hope. How sad that he hid behind his clown face so well.

The impact of Mr. Williams death totally eclipsed the death of Lauren Bacall. I had no idea, until a Facebook friend posted it, that she died yesterday. If you've ever seen To Have and Have Not, you'll know Bacall. If you haven't see Bogie and Bacall together, you really should.

Now, I've spent most of my afternoon doing nothing again. I did apply for a job through Manpower. It is 2-3 days a week, which is just what I want. So, we'll see. I'm probably over qualified but I can't help that. We shall see.

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