Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It Actually Sucks!

I was out and about this morning shopping for a vacuum cleaner. It is not fun. I've been doing my research, shopping different brands and types. I always read the reviews for each one. I'm no longer optimistic that I'll find an affordable, reliable vacuum. They are oxymorons.

What happened to American workmanship, quality, and reasonable price? You want me to buy American but you want me to pay three times the price for a machine that doesn't work as well as the Chinese brand? Really? And those are just junk, too.

Anyway... I had considered a Hoover bagless machine until I visited my son's house and used the one they have ... exactly like what I was planning to buy. She's had it for a year and says it is awful. It is hard to get the trash out of the plastic container. It spits trash all over the floor and won't suck it up. She told me she's had to work on it several times, thinking that it was something stuck in the machine. It wasn't. I didn't know any of that until I used it. It is awful. So, won't be buying one of those.

The reviews on all of them are equally dismal. All of them. Very negative reviews. Defective belts. Defective casings. Defective dust cups. Defective cords. Heavy. Unwieldy. Seriously. Lots of the folks writing this had to return the original machines to the store or factory for repair or exchanges.

Do your research. I was able to see about three reviews via consumer reports on one but reviews at Walmart and Amazon for the same machine were just terrible.

Next, I researched for bagged machines. They have better reviews. Unfortunately.. the stores don't carry them. I have to order it. I did find an American made machine at a local store. Looked good. Four year warranty, easy to use, bit heavy. $400! Right but that warranty sounded good. About what you'd pay yearly for one of the crappy ones. I researched it. Terrible reviews.

The only thing I can positively say I got out of this is that shopping for a vacuum is the only thing that actually sucks.

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  1. Funny - we bought a Hoover bagless just over a month ago. The only problem we've had is finding out how bad our old one was before it began to smell like burned electrical wiring. That Hoover sucked up dust out of the carpet until I felt ashamed! We bought through the same supplier in San Antonio that our church as used for sometime, and that company even paid the shipping. I do agree with your final description of shopping, though.