Friday, April 24, 2009

Updating the Albums

Friday at last and I'm just about to turn in. I've spent the evening playing with Miss Cheyenne and we've had a blast. She went home about two hours ago. I worked today and it has been a stressful couple of days since I got back. I am glad it is has ended for a few days.

I've been updating the photo albums with my vacation photos. Be sure and read the description at the beginning of the albums. The story of my trip is posted there. It is fun putting this together but good heavens, I have over 200 photos! My aunt and Roselyn were taking photos and I even took a few. I've decided I want a camera just like my aunt's Sony. What a great camera. A real pleasure taking photos. If you are curious as to which are which, my sister's photos all have the date on them.

I've tried to keep the photos in order according to the date and the events of the day. I may be off on some things but the story line is still there.

I'm ready for another vacation but have to wait until the last of May to do that. Kayla's Graduation is the 29th and I am looking forward to a day at the beach, a Gulf beach, that week.

I will try and post a review of The Shack as soon as possible. I haven't finished it but I will in a day or so. I'm bogged down in it.... hate that when it happens.

Good night to you all. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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