Monday, April 6, 2009

A Short Expose of an Outing

Mike on Sunday afternoon and had some sandwiches. He didn't like being photographed during the process. He went home afterward. Later that afternoon, we decided we wanted to go for a Sonic Burger. We debated if we had to dress up or not. My aunt felt she had to at least wash her face. I was not sure what to wear. What do you think?

No, I think this works fine. I am very patriotic and well, I feel quite the style maven. I believe the chocolate stain on the tee shirt is an added statement.

My uncle was suitable shocked.
But when we explained that we were going to feed him, he perked right up. He was game.

He drove us. I was in the back seat trying to get a good shot. Not too difficult when you're traveling with seniors.

These clouds looked more interesting than they came out in this shot.

It had been raining off and on all afternoon but these guys were beginning to gang up.
Serious concentration was required to navigate the half dozen block to Sonic.

Uh, there was one wrong turn but fortunately, we corrected and simply came out on the other side.
This is another interesting cloud shot. I thought. Well, the Donut Bank sign is where we made the wrong turn so at least something interesting came of the shot. These folks make the best blueberry muffins you ever put in your mouth.

We arrived at Sonic safely and found a parking spot... among the many available. Not everyone was finding Sonic of interest today. The clouds continued to mass and menace.

We ordered and after our order go to us, the clouds exploded with thunder and massive amounts of water. The sound in the car kept me. . . us relatively quiet. Once I was full, I forgot to take anymore photos!

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