Sunday, April 5, 2009


The weather started very pretty this morning but now we have clouds and thunder with a few sprinkles tossed in the mix. My aunt and uncle are still here. They will leave tomorrow morning. By the way, I put the photo in the album of Mr. Buttons, my aunt's dog. Jilly notice it previously and I have just got around to it.

Church this morning was difficult. I don't know why it is hard. I read Riete's blog about how she also had a difficult time at church. I can't say what is causing this. I just know it is nearly unbearable. And you're supposed to feel better going to church but I don't. I feel worse.

I got my tickets paid for to go to Myrtle Beach, S. C. I am looking forward to it. My sister, Roselynn, is going to join us on that Monday. She is dropping off my nephew to the Marine base and it isn't that far from where we will be. That will be nice for her and nice to see her.

I've really got a lot of things I need to do. I was looking around and the house just needs things done. The yard is a mess, there is too much junk sitting around the house and in the garage. I have more to do than I think I can handle. I will be trying to utilize other people but it will still be a lot of work.

I hear the rain falling in earnest now. The sound on the awning is nice. I should lie down. I told my aunt the reason you are always so tired on Sunday afternoon as opposed to other days of the week is because God ordained it as a day of rest and if we don't take if voluntarily then, he'll just make us exhausted so we have to. LOL. So, I feel tired and need to lie down.

Hope your week goes well. I have a four day work week this week. I am off for Good Friday and that is a freebie = Paid holiday. Yipee. Then, I work another week and am off to Myrtle Beach.

Pray for me, folks. The depression is not getting better. I know the signs and it is very difficult. I battled this before and it is a serious problem for me. So, put me on your lists if you will. I am hoping the change in season will help me but right now, I simply want to find a cave, a nice dark one, to curl up in.

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