Thursday, November 29, 2012

In the Still of the Night

I was headed to bed and decided to stop in for a quick post. I've had a long day and I'm tired but I still don't feel well and I don't know if I can sleep.

I saw my doctor today. Actually, my pain levels were a bit better but I went in anyway. She wants me to try Cymbalta for the pain. I'm leery of this as I never know what a medicine will do to me. There are only two medicines I can take for RA. One is Plaquenil  which I currently take, and the other is Methotrexate  a common RA/cancer drug. She wants to consider starting me on that but she's holding off because you have to run so many test when you take that one.

I'm allergic to sulfa and apparently, ALL RA medicines contain sulfa. What's that about? I'm surely not the only person allergic to sulfa. So, if those two medicines do not work for me what then?

Cymbalta has numerous side effects. My friend took it for 5 weeks and had to stop because she started bleeding from "everywhere" she said. It apparently is also a blood thinner. Wonderful.

I saw on the flyer about it that migraine medicines can't be taken with it. Ah, that's really nice as I have severe migraines and take a med for it when I have one.

So, while the doctor offered some ideas, there appears to be nothing they can do for me in reality.

I have to finish reading the flyer and check with the pharmacy to see if there is anything else I take that would conflict with Cymbalta. Do not assume your doctor knows this stuff. They do not always know. I've had more than one give me a med that can't be taken with another med I was on. I always ask the guys handling the meds. That's what they're trained for.

G'nite. At least it is Thursday tomorrow. Two more days to get through.


  1. You are right, that we have to be proactive about our health, and not rely entirely on our doctors to get it right. The internet makes it easy to do research, but it can also make you crazy, second guessing your doctor's orders.

    I also can't take any arthritis meds because I am on a blood thinner. Nothing to ease the pain of my osteoarthritis. Tylenol is allowed, but doesn't really help with the inflamation.

    I used to get horrid migraines and took medicine for them. The first time I went on the Adkins diet, and got completely off carbs, my migraines went away and I've not had one since. Something in my body had to cleanse itself, I guess. Still amazes me.

    I hope you get some relief! Glad to hear it has eased some for you. Hugs.

  2. I am also allergic to sulfa. How can they prescribe RA drugs to you? I was checking to see how your writing is going!

  3. There are only two RA drugs I can take.. Methotrexate and Plaquanil. Nothing else.
    Writing is a bomb. I'm not going to finish. ONe write in left and I'll maybe pick up a few hundred words. I'll finish with less than 22K.

  4. Good idea to always check with your pharmacist. That medicine doesn't sound too good. Hope things are improving now. At least it must be nearly going home time for you now.