Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 7: Face Who?

Weather: Warm & Sunny
Pain Level: 2 in the morning 5 in the afternoon
Mood: Not great

I started the morning hopeful I'd get some things done. My pain levels were low and that's an opportunity that I try to take advantage of when possible. I went to Lowe's at 9 a.m. to see about counter tops. I want to put a bar counter in the kitchen above some cabinets. I have to special order them and that is an expense I doubt I can afford. It was a thought.

I came back thinking I could get the weed trimming done. I got the front done and the flower bed weeded and the crepe myrtle trimmed up and with the help of a tall ladder, all the dead branches off. And that was when I crashed. No, I didn't fall off the ladder. It was noon. I didn't get 4 good  hours before I was wiped completely out, my neck hurt, my hands hurt, my right knee stopped working, and I felt as if I was going to pass out.

There was no one to take over so I had to leave the trimmer lying in the garage floor. I was too tired to care what  happened to it at that point. The mower is sitting in the middle of the floor too. I just don't care. I simply can't keep this up. Doing this yard work is just too much for me. By the time I get done, it is tall grass again and I have to start over.

I came in and around 3:30 I lay in the recliner and napped for about an hour, until people woke me up.

I was going try again before dark, but David said wait till tomorrow. I still have the whole railroad area to cut. It is virtually impossible to do that in less than two hours. After it is all cut, I'll do the yard.

And I have a meeting at 1.

Still the end of the day was pleasant. We had supper on the patio and I just sat there like a slug. David as Sarah had a good time together while I watched.


  1. Glad to hear you were taking it easy at the end of the day with family. Hope the pain levels are better tomorrow.

  2. Funny that happened to you as I had a similar experience today. We were at the doggie kennels and quite busy and I was fine. Not long after we got home, I started to feel pretty dreadful, no energy and kind of shaky. I had to go and lie down for a while. Took several hours for it to pass. I was fine once we had dinner. I think it may of been due to a very sweet muffin that I ate at lunch time. It had jam in the middle and sweet cream on top. Delicious but full of sugar and I more or less never eat anything like that. Anyway......

    I am glad that the end of your day was a bit better with David there. Lovely to see him with Sarah.