Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 12: What We're Drinking In S. Indiana

Well, this is 12 days without Facebook. It hasn't been a total fast because I had to go on to check some emails and, of course, the addiction draws you but I spend less than 30 minutes each time, I think. I haven't missed it over much and, I've managed to get a lot of work done around here.

I've been busy doing yard work, cleaning house, moving furniture, and doing some minor repairs.  Yesterday, Mike and I rearranged the living room. I'm getting ready to move the computer desk out of the house and my nap sofa but several things must happen before that. 

Yesterday, I changed the water filter under the sink because the water had just reached the point where it was nasty. Please understand, we have a water filtration plant here that cleans and filters water out of the Ohio River for us to drink. For years, I drank it without a filter. About 15 years ago we got an under sink water filter and have used it ever since  in the kitchen, on the cold side only. We changed the filters every six months, roughly January & June. I got off track last year and so the filter has probably been on for closer to nine months. I decided to video the process and let you see just what Southern Indiana is drinking.  


  1. That is pretty yukky! I wonder if everyone knows that is what they are drinking? Never given any though to our water but it tastes fine.

    1. Our water tasted fine, too. We drank it for several years without a filter. Once we got the filter, we could no longer drink it without one. LOL, found out how nasty it really was once it was clean! You know immediately when the filter is dirty.

  2. One of David's regular nurses - a beautiful, thoughtful and kind lady, lives in the country as we do. Had well water, as we used to. Began having some physical problems and discovered she had been drinking arsenic in her well water. Some of her nerve damage is permanent. We do need to know what is in our water and what the pipes that carry it are like. Some of that infrastructure is older than I am!