Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 5: Facebook Fast Turns to Feast

Weather: Cool & cloudy
Pain level: 2
Energy level: 6

A Pretty Lady

Here she is. Isn't she beautiful? I just love her. I had to move some stuff to put her in front of a mirror so you could get the whole effect in one shot. I am so trilled with this. It says on the bottom, Park Avenue Dreams. It is a Lenox figurine so I know it was originally pricey. I paid $6. I want to go back and get a couple of others but honestly, what am I going to do with them?

I'll have to pull out the one my mother bought me, and put them together. I keep that one in the china cabinet. It occurs to me I'm not enjoying it as I could. My new lady is standing on the table by the window in front of me.

Sarah Rambles

Sarah spent the night at her other grandparents. She had done that a couple of times now. I'm glad they're finally getting to enjoy her some. She had a great time the last few times she's been there. It gave me a bit of a break as well, although, you can't imagine how empty the house was and how much I missed her. She was my salvation after Jerry died and has remained my sanity. I pray for her all the time because the world is a horrible and cruel place and a light like Sarah should not be dimmed. One of her school friends said to me once, "I love Sarah. The teachers love Sarah. Everyone loves Sarah." There was not even a hint of envy in her voice.

Enough sappy stuff.

Tart Cherry Juice

I went to the Vitamin Shoppe yesterday and bought the Tart Cherry Juice. I've had several people tell me to go and get it because it helps reduce inflammation. The clerk said they sale a lot of it but you know, he's trying to sell a $25 bottle of juice. You take 2 tablespoons a day. I think I can get 30 days out of the bottle but it is still expensive. If it works, that will be every month but honestly, if I can get off some of this toxic meds, I'll forego bread. I started last night. I'll keep you posted on how it is working, if it works.

Note, if you are wondering what it taste like, it isn't cherries. It is wildly tart but not unbearably so. There is a mild underlying hint of cherry but it really has a rather odd taste. When I took it I was shocked that it tasted familiar and I spent the better part of an hour trying to figure it out. When I did I was on the phone telling my Aunt Phillis about it.

Anyone remember Black Draught? It taste like Black Draught!  I believe the Black Draught from my childhood had a black cherry flavor! And Black Draught was just a senna laxative. My aunt and I had a good laugh over this. When we were both children, Black Draught cured everything. I suspect it would have cured the plague (tongue in cheek). The irony of it all is that there is a common belief these days that cleansing the bowels is actually healthy. And that is all it was used for back then.

Writing Progress 

I'm well behind in my writing. Today I will have to finish up my checking account issue. For the most part I've figured it out but I must get all these things entered and pay the bills. I shouldn't spend until I get it all done.

Crochet Project

Since yesterday was totally non-productive in terms of real work. (The laundry is on the bed again and beds unmade.) I spent the evening watching some movies and doing a small crochet project. Felicia, my daughter-in-law, asked for coasters for her car. She wanted a wine color but they didn't have it at the store. I had this variegated thread left over from a previous project.

After several text, photos of the cup holders, and figuring out we had cars made by the same company, I whipped this up and put it in my cup holder. It fits. I've never considered putting one in the car holders but they do get rather messy down in the bottom and are rather hard to clean out. This will catch some stuff and soak up spills. They'll wash but I'm not sure how well the cotton will release stains. Sodas leave a rather nasty one but she's is a dental assistant so maybe she avoids too many sodas. I've never asked.

I will make the second one tonight and mail them to her. David will be here sometime tomorrow but she can't come with him. She'll get them probably by the time he leaves on Monday, actually  maybe even Saturday.

Multiply Memories

As you can see my Facebook fast has not starved me at all. I'm actually enjoying it because some of my old Multiply friends are commenting here and there and it almost feels like old times hearing from them. Now if y'all start blogging again so I can read yours and comment.  I don't think I've missed anything as much as Multiply. And you know, the company is totally bust now. I it flopped in one month. You can read the Multiply wiki here. I had no idea they had reached 2.7 million members before they sold it.

I was also astonished at how much the site encompassed, even though I was there from nearly the beginning until the end. It did it all. As I was reading, I also became aware that G+ is now doing nearly everything Multiply did except creating the personal website feature but actually, Blogger fills that niche for them. You can now even buy your domain. You can design your page pretty much anyway you want. There is unlimited photos hosting, YouTube movies, Blogger blog, and now the new Collections, which I think I'm going to like a lot. Someone said they were trying to mimic Pinterest but it isn't at all like Pinterest. It is more like a better way to organize your posts.

I still miss the interaction of Multiply but I think the problem is everyone sort of scattered and those who came to Blogger were confused as to how to proceed and just dropped out of site. I managed to keep contact with about 15 or 20 people and actually some of those I picked up after Multiply closed.

Well, enough reminiscing. I have several things to do. Dry my hair, finish the checking account balancing, clean up a bit. I pick Sarah up between 1 & 2. My friend Rae is coming over for at 3 for a couple of hours so her son and Sarah can play a bit. Then, I suspect our day will wind down. My, it goes so fast!


  1. Well you are sounding happier today so I guess the lack of FB isn't hurting. Your pain is less and your energy is higher. That has to be good.

    Your pretty lady is lovely. I really like her and she is wearing pink! I say get some more if they please you. There is no harm in surrounding ourselves with things that make us smile.

    I have never heard of tart cherry juice or black draught. It sounds expensive although if it works it would be money well spent. Have you ever tried cider vinegar? I read recently that it is supposed to reduce inflammation amongst other things. I was a little sceptical to be fair as it seems to be a bit of a cure all. It is cheap though so maybe worth a try if you haven't already.

    Loving your little crochet coasters. That is a very pretty colour too. we don't have cup holders in our car. Are they standard on Merikan cars?

    Multiply. How I miss Multiply. I missed Yahoo 360 too when it went. Blogger is ok, but it has never been the same for me. I really don't like G+ but I do feel that I haven't really got to grips with it. I found that most of my contacts went to other places, such as Ipernity and I have lost contact now with most of them. It is a real shame.

    I haven't heard of collections. I shall look into that. I did hear that Google have now got something called Google photos and that it is unlimited.

    I like the subtle hint about people restarting their blogs! I'll try but no promises!

    Hope you have a good afternoon with your friend. xx

    1. Black Draught was a very old product and was basically a colonic. My grandparents used it. It was touted on the Grand Ole Opry and other places as a cure all. It probably did as people actually ate a better diet then than folks do now.

      Google is about to undergo some changes. They're not saying what but I've read a few interviews on some tech blogs. Very closed mouth but I think the Collections is part of that. It allows you to sort post by topic. I think it will make it easier to look at a person's page for the things you share a common interest in. So far, I think I'm going to like it but time will tell if it is a hit with the users. They're fine tuning it all the time. Initially, I was lost and thought it pretty much useless unless you were a business. Now, I think it is becoming a bit more user friendly. Still the education level of the users is higher than the average FB user. Tend to be brainy types I think. I read a lot of the articles there. I'm focusing more and more on the writing items and crochet. I like a lot of the science stuff, too.

      I know you're really busy, Jilly. If I had a life I'd probably not blog so much either.

  2. Oh, I miss Multiply, too - although I have been able to stay in touch with most of my favorite people. Google has done a good job with G+ and Blogger. I'm content - but it has been difficult to get back to posting daily. A recent tragedy in a friend's family as well as vacation, weather and David's continual thrombosis problems are my excuses right now. I find it too easy to sit with a cat on my lap. You are a good example and that will help me get moving again!!

  3. Well, it could turn into my next addiction. I try hard to post something regularly, and it is so ingrained after doing it so long that I am not comfortable when I don't post. I suspect it is more threaputic for me now.

    Today, my David is coming home and so I am making an effort to get some things done around here and stay off line. I've been a bit fatigued of late and there is a lot that needs doing now.