Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 17: A Bit of This 'N That

Today has been one of those days when nothing got done. I mean really nothing. My sister's car had to go to the shop at 7 a.m. and Mike, bless him, came over and we picked up her car and took it to the shop. We both came back to my house and both of us crash landed. He lay down on the sofa and I went back to my bed and slept until 10 a.m., something I never do. Aside from the oddity, it was great sleep. The problem is, I slept two hours yesterday afternoon and went to bed around 11:30 last night, so I shouldn't have been that tired.

If you saw yesterday's video, you know I spent my time crocheting and watching Netflix. I'm watching CSI:NY. I watched it the first season it was on but stopped in the second season. I think that is when Jerry died and I turned off the cable. Although CSI: Las Vegas is my favorite show, I never cared much for the NY one and I absolutely hated the Miami show. Still I love Gary Sinise in anything so, I'm going to watch it again. It passes the time when I'm tired.

I had a lot of problems with my hands yesterday. Could hardly crochet. It stormed late in the evening and my hands were better this morning after I got up the second time. They've begun hurting again this afternoon and a brief shower began a little while ago. So unstable weather, as usual is a factor in inflammation.

As for today, after we both woke up, we kind of just hung around trying to figure out why we were so tired and then we went to Sonic for lunch. Mike has shopping to do today so he brought me home and went off to do that. I spent the rest of the day reading until I finished the book I had started yesterday. Then I messed around with my photos, posting some I forgot about.

Sarah is having a good time at her Dad's. I can tell when I talk to her, however brief the calls are. She's just so busy.

I'm going now to download a new book and work on my crochet. I keep thinking I'll work on my writing but at the moment, I just don't want to do that. The crochet is going well, but it is difficult with the pain in my fingers. I suspect that is another pleasure that is soon to be gone.

Good night to you.


  1. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what you need. But you did do stuff. You were up very early to do a favour for your sister. You did some crochet and you read your book. You watched some TV. I think because you worked for so many years you are stuck in that mindset where you think every minute should be productive.

    Try thinking as if you are retired. It is now your time to do whatever you want and whatever pleases you. You can do anything. Particularly whilst Sarah is away. I appreciate you need more structure when she is home and that can be difficult.

    I try to always get any chores done first thing after breakfast. Unless I am on the half hour thingy. That way, I can do what I like the rest of the day. Well, until it is time to cook dinner!

    So sorry to hear that your hands are bad again. The weather does have that effect. It certainly can effect my head when the pressure changes.

    Effect? Affect? My goodness, my brain has gone in to melt down, I can't think which is which................I know this stuff, what is going on with my head......

    Really must get up now and get myself sorted then maybe my brain will start to work and I will once again know the difference between effect and affect!

  2. I found myself shutting down this weekend. Made a couple of changes and slept a lot. Weather? It's so wet here now and "Bill" is headed our way so I'm glad you're not visiting right now - this low pressure system should be awful. Sarah may see some of it - I know she is having a great time but I also know you are missing that little rain fairy! Maybe this will be a better week.

  3. Jill's right you know. Sometimes we have to turn things on their head and think about what we did achieve rather than what we didn't. I'm getting better at that. I have lots I want to do and they are getting done slowly. But if I hadn't given up my job they probably wouldn't be getting done at all so that's progress.