Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 28: Facebook Flop? Sort of........

Although I've flubbed my 30 day Facebook Fast,(I know I have two days left) I have cut down on the amount of time I've been spending on it. I'm going to have to continue to battle I suspect. I'm using a site blocker in Chrome now. I'm fairly faithful to myself but at times I've  had to turn it off so I can go in and that is annoying because I don't want to. Honestly, I'm about ready to just chuck the whole thing. Let me explain.

I don't subscribe to newspapers. I do not have cable television or local television. I do not wish, desire, or covet either of these things. I had them for years. I suffered from severe depression and worry. I still battle those diseases. When I dropped those, I found life was not filled with a million negative images and words. I have not missed them.

Facebook, in my opinion, is worse. Particularly since it gives the impression that the whole world is insane. I don't particularly believe that but it looks that way on the inside. And the insanity is highly contagious. And keeping up with the news is worse than depressing. I'm not surprised that some folks go off the rails and start doing horrible things. A steady died of having the mess out there shoved down your throat all day, every day is unhealthy. The problem with this country... don't get me started.

I will keep using the site blocker and spend as little time as possible on Facebook.

So, what have I been doing this week?

  • I've been finishing the crochet throw I've been working on. The skein of yarn you see on the throw is my last skein.
  • Starting a crochet dress for one of Sarah's Barbie dolls. 
  • Trying to repair a ceiling. Semi-successful.
  • Researched all morning for a drywall contractor to replace said ceiling. 
  • Called a dozen this morning and sent emails. No one answered or they didn't want the job. Mike started calling and got three appointments!
  • Trying to find someone to do some masonry work. Got three bites.
  • Contemplating the tall grass that needs mowing and trying to decide when to cut it. Not today as it rained again. Maybe tomorrow. 
  • Watching Bones from the beginning on Netflix. While I crochet, of course.
  • Working on River City Writers stuff: 
  1. free seminars/workshops 
  2. my short story for the anthology 
  3. the agendas for meetings
  4.  scheduling meeting places
  5. creating in polishing my seminar presentation for July. 
  6. Oh, On Thursday I took a friend to her doctor's appointment and Mike to his. 

My friend had a procedure that took from about 8:30 until about noon. Mike's appointment was for a final check of his leg. His appointment took just as long as that procedure! The office was bursting with people. We are usually in and out in 30 minutes. So all day at medical facilities but at least it wasn't for ME! The result is I am nearly finished with the throw.

I'm not sure I've been very productive, but I'm sure tired.


  1. I think you have been productive. Even if the day spent with all the medical stuff is productive if you got some crochet or reading done. And you were helping others. And you weren't checking Facebook! I have a lot of Bones episodes recording but not sure when I'll get around to watching them.

  2. I do count my time at doctor appointments and outpatient clinic as productive. I have some handwork, but I'm also providing for another person's ease and/or comfort and/or relief. I believe that is part of my Lord's work, too.

  3. I think you did vevry wel to stay away from FB..... I've been away from social media for a while, not through choice, just plain simple lack of time. Problem is now I've started, I'll just go back and read all the stuff I missed. I never seem able to completely ignore social media and never do a catch up. Hey ho..... :-)