Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 16: Saturday Catch Up


  1. Love, love LOVE your video blogs. So pleased to know how helpful Mike is being. That is great.

    I do understand what you are saying about time. It can certainly run away with you if you aren't careful. I know it is something that Wendy is struggling with too and I think it is the same for both of you that you are used to that structure in your day and suddenly not having that is difficult. Like you, Wendy has been setting herself up a schedule and I think that is helping her.

    I do keep telling her though that she can do what she wants and if she is happy then nothing is wasted time. I know you say you hate FB but do you really? You must be interested in all those articles you read? Plus you must learn stuff?

    When I feel things are getting a bit out of control and I have stuff that I reaaly must do, I revert to my half hour system. Remember that? It works for me. Half hour of chores followed by half hour of me time. I get loads done that way.

    You just said it is 90 degrees there? 90? Really? Please send it here. So far this is shaping up to be another rubbish summer. We have only had a few days so far where we have hit 70. Mostly it has been overcast and very grey and wet and windy with temperatures around the low 60 mark.

    LOL. It was me that said about aqua. I just noticed how you say lilac today too. You sound so "posh"! Aqua sounds to me like you say R Cwar. Does that make sense? Lilac sounded like Li Laack. Now I'm thinking how to get over to you what I say. Best way will be to do my won video blog. That's probably not going to happen any time soon.

    So, I say, ackwa you say rcwar. I say li luc you say li lack! LOL, too funny.

    Ok, got to go now. It is 8.15am and I am still in bed. You could argue that I am wasting time, but I'm not because I am talking to you. However, I must get up now as I have a lot to get done today. We were away for 4 days over the weekend so I need to catch up on washing and stuff and I have 7 Etsy orders to prepare and get to the post office too.

    I'm off....

    1. Oh Jilly! You made me laugh so hard. I am so thrilled I sound posh! See, I know what that means! LOLOL. Over here we would say "classy" so it is a high compliment you pay me. I have truly always wanted to be posh!

      And I understand the difference in the pronunciation. All my years of reading Christie and Sayers and several other British authors has trained me well. Not to mention all those Bond movies. LOL

  2. I'm getting to quite like your video blogs, makes me feel as if I actually know you and I have to say...its only when I actually hear peoples voices that I'm reminded of how different we all are and what a diverse collection of accents we use :-)