Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spills & Thrills

The week has whizzed by so fast I am not sure what day it is. I am sure I am exhausted. I had a bad fall when I was helping Becca move on Thursday. I fell down some steps and landed full length on the ground. Nothing broken but bruised my hip and shoulder on the right side and smacked my head, breaking my bear claw hair clip to smithereens.

Fortunately, we've had lots of rain and, as a result, the ground is quite a bit softer than the cement sidewalk I barely missed. I was coming out a door and held it for the person behind me. There are three concrete steps up to that door and when I turned, I overstepped the first step, stumbled around for a second trying to find a place to stand but everything seemed to have just rolled up and I went flying. I had a microwave plate in my hand and a Pyrex baking dish. Somehow the microwave plate lay on the sidewalk, unbroken. The baking dish lay at my feet, unbroken. I lay splayed on the ground groaning. Bruised but thank God, unbroken.

It took several minutes for me to get up. I think I had the wind knocked out of me for a second and I was very disoriented. My hip was bruised and shoulder and trying to get up took a minute. I had help but still it was difficult.

We continued on with the moving. I moved a bit slower. I was sitting in the car a bit later and realized that if I stopped moving long I might not get up for a while. So, I just kept going the rest of the day, coming home to sort things here. I mowed the grass yesterday. Today, I  hurt from my hips up to my neck and I'm pretty sure it is because of the fall.

I'm tired because I have been up since 7 a.m. and the steroid always gives me plenty of energy. I went for a walk on Wednesday at the cemetery. I enjoyed it and hoped to do it a few days this week but under the circumstances, I can't say my body had missed it.

I haven't done any writing at all. Things just sort of snowballed and I've been on the move, rarely on the computer. I logged onto Facebook today to check in and catch up but I'm done now.

I spent the whole day either sitting in the den or on the patio reading. It was a beautiful day and I couldn't find the energy to do anything else.

Now, I'm going to find my bed and see if I can get a comfortable position to rest in.


  1. Sorry to hear that. With all your normal aches and pains it's the last thing you need to be doing. I think you were right about keeping moving just try not to overdo things. Hope you managed some sleep.

  2. For the moment, I seem to be slightly better for the sleep.

  3. ohh I know that feeling, just keep moving before you seize up all together. Falls are horrible, even if the physical damage is minimal it shakes you up so much. Hope you didn't do any lasting damage in the fall :-)