Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wasting Time, Making Stuff, Buying Shoes

I have a doctor's appointment at 12:30 p.m. with my RA doctor. Since I'm having very little pain this week I suspect it will be uneventful. My cold or whatever it was is finally showing signs of improvement. I'm coughing less and my congestion is much better. However, this may be subject to change if it is allergy related.

Earlier this week I started work on flipflops for Sarah. She had two new pair and I crocheted the thong part and yesterday added flowers. This probably cost me a total of $2 added to the cost of the $1 flip flops. Although, I did have to buy the yarn, I discount that because I'll use it for other projects. You could easily do it with leftover yarn from another skein you have in your stash. I messed up the flower for the other shoe and have to repair it. I bought two sets of barrettes at Family Dollar for $2 and took off the clips and hot glued them to the shoe. They are so cute.

I've also been making dishcloths. I have a stash of cotton and I want to get rid of it so I'm making myself something.

I am once again wasting time on Facebook. I've got things to do and I need to shut that down for a while. I am considering putting in on lock down... or maybe they call that inactive. I might lose some folks, but I'd get a lot more accomplished. Of course, that's a cop out of sorts. I mean, I'm a grown woman. I should be able to shut down a computer and get out of the chair, right?

You can get back to me on that.

I've worked on the short story quite a bit the last few days. I don't have nearly enough but hey, it is progressing. I have something happening. I need a reader to tell me it works. I feel like it doesn't but when I read it, it seems fine.

I bought a nice pair of shoes at a local secondhand store, St Vincent De Paul's, yesterday. I paid $5 for this pair of heels, "I love Comfort" brand. I think that is a Sears brand. And let me tell you, they are so comfortable! Those who know me well, know if I say that, it is true. They have never been worn. They had a whole slew of brand new shoes there.

I think I've mentioned somewhere that Mike is returning home this Friday. Sarah will be out of school on the 22nd and going to her Dad's on the 7th. I will have a few months of solitude and I hope to accomplish a lot of stuff. I'm concerned that I won't. I know, it hasn't happened yet. Why worry? That's just who I am.

The day is beautiful, but it was COLD this morning at 57. Sarah has been having breakfast on the front porch this past week and this morning she wanted to do it again. I explained the weather. She stepped out and stood there several minutes.. wearing her shorts and tank top. Once I told her she'd be a popsicle after she had cold milk, she elected to have it inside. Currently, it is 64F and if I wasn't going to the doctor, I'd be on the patio.

I think I may cut the yard when I get back. Or not. The track doesn't need it so it would be easy.

There is a mosquito buzzing around in here and I keep missing him.

That's all the news that is news for now. I hope you've enjoyed our little interlude. Maybe we can do it again soon.


  1. Nancy spent considerable effort to convince me that I should not be worried - good scriptures with that! But I'm still procrastinating - gold medal capable procrastination. Do you think that we could box them prettily and sell them? It appears we very good at that.

  2. Love the shoes but I have never managed to get comfortable peep toes. Yes you can shut facebook down or you can limit yourself. Cold turkey is hard. Hope the s appointment went ok.

  3. Another old post. Not sure if I read this one or not. I think I would have commented as I am a real flip flop fan. I love what you have done with the flowers. The sandals look great too. I am a footwear freak, love shoes! However I spend much of my time bare foot, go figure!

    I see you are still in touch with Wendy. Just been with her in the New Forest this weekend. We had a great time. So wish you could come.