Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 2 Facebook Fast: Weather Woes Again

Weather: Cool, damp, cloudy.
Pain Levels: 4
Energy level: 5

I can't believe the weather. Yesterday started out nice only to end up shrouded in clouds and awash in rain. This morning we are still covered in gray clouds and it is just barely in the 60s. There isn't any rain for now. I will be glad when some of that global warming kicks in. It would be nice if June showed up.

I've got some minor pain but I'm really exhausted. I think it is more weather related pain. Still, it hurts and I get so tired.  I've been pushing myself to deal with the clutter and keep the house clean, mostly pulling things out to dispose of in some fashion. There are items in bags sitting around the den where I spend most of my time. I hate it. I want it all gone.

My thought is to have a yard sale and get a few dollars for the stuff but the longer it takes, the bigger the piles, and the less I want to deal with it. I have to move it all into the garage until the day I put it out for sale. Then, if the weather is bad, I have to move it all back in. Since one item is this sofa in my den, I really don't want to bother.

Facebook Fast

This is my second day without Facebook. I've had emails/comments from about three people. Which actually makes my decision that much easier. If the trend continues, I'll be able to totally delete my Facebook page. The people who want to stay in touch will.

I can't say I have missed it much either. I managed to clean out the linen closet yesterday and get a month's worth of sheets folded and put away. Why a month's worth? Because I wasted time for weeks sitting around on the computer. When I wasn't on the computer I was generally ill with the RA. Doing laundry with sore joints and muscles is no fun. Exhaustion contributes a lot to the problem.

Yesterday I spent less time online and was feeling pretty good. So, I folded towels and wash cloths and put them away. I sorted and folded all the sheets on the spare bed and put them in the closet (12 sets). About half of those were already in the closet but were untidy. Since I have sheets for a single bed, full sized bed, and a queen sized bed it is generally a nightmare trying to get the right set when the shelves are bulging with them, particularly the queen and full. Nearly every time I get a full size when I want a queen, and vise versa.

So, I did something I saw online somewhere. I folded and put flat & fitted sheet and 1 pillow case inside the matching pillowcase. This keeps them together and tidy on the shelf. Queen is on top, single in the middle, and full size on bottom. It looks great and I'm quite pleased with how well it worked.

I also pulled out a bunch of old mismatch sheets. I either don't have top sheet or I don't have the bottom. They're going to become crocheted rugs. I saw a video on using old sheets by cutting them in a long strip and making small rugs. They're just right for the bath or in front of the door. Do you know how easily they will wash?

Usually I buy white bedding because invariable, one sheet of a set will get worn or torn and you're stuck with an odd sheet. I used to buy decorator sets years ago. After ending up with several mismatched sets, I stopped buying those fancy ones.

The only odd stuff I'll keep is pillow cases. I have extra pillows and so I always need extra pillow cases. I have about six sets I think. They're also useful as totes sometimes. Yes, totes. You can shove clothes in them or other bedding to store. Protects the bedding and keeps everything together.

Yard Work

Sarah and I did a short session of cleaning up in the yard. Mike cut the grass too low... again, and left a bunch of clumps of grass. We loaded the John Deere cart and hauled it to the railroad siding and put it around a several trees. Since I usually have to cut the siding with the trimmer, it should help keep the growth down. It was a huge bunch of grass and made a thick mat to rot around the trees. I may start putting that on the siding all the time if it keeps the weeds down.

By bedtime last night I was wiped out. Far more exhausted than the amount of work I did by my reckoning. I went to bed earlier than usual.

I've been off the anti-inflammatory medicine, Lodine for nearly two weeks now. She told me to go off of it and see if it helped with my stomach problems and the reflux. It has helped and the ringing in my ears has stopped as well. That alone is a huge relief.

The draw back is more aches and pains. Being off the Lodine is probably why I'm having the overall body pain. Inflammation from RA affects all organs: skin, bones, muscles, joints. Even the heart and lungs. Constant inflammation is like having the flu...all the time.

I've been taking Doxepin again at night. It is helping me sleep, which helps with some of my pain. I'll do that until I feel the return of some of my equilibrium.

Did I just indicate I'm unbalanced?

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  1. Hi Cindy. We have been away this week so I missed your decision to stop FB. I will miss seeing you there. I did read but rarely had time to comment. I am sorry to hear of your ongoing pain and exhaustion issues. It must be so difficult not to let it get you down. It sounds like you had a busy day with all the laundry sorting. I like your idea od storing a set in a pillow case. I will try that out. I find it very good to have a sort out. It always makes me feel better but it is hard.

    I so wish that you could come here. We could have such fun. So many places that I know you would adore to see. We have just been in the New Forest with extended family and it was brilliant although the weather was terrible. I am like you... bring on the global warming!! I so hope that we get some good weather soon.

    I notice that you seem to have done a few posts while I have been away so I'm off to read through them now. Hope you have a better week. xx