Thursday, April 30, 2015

Leaning Toward Friday

Courtesy Pixabay
I woke to a drizzle of rain but now the sun is fighting with the clouds for dominance. I hope the sun wins. I got Sarah off to school and am on my way out on an errand. Mike has to go to the eye glass place today and order glasses. He is now waiting on his hearing aid, glasses, and will call to schedule a dental appointment. I told him to get is all now because with his luck you never know when something will go wrong and while he has insurance is the time to do it.

I've been on the steroid again since Tuesday. Pain started dropping that evening. Today it is a 2. I know that as soon as the dose decreases it will probably go back up. So, until then I have to get stuff done. Thus the reason for shutting down FB for a week.

I'm on week three of the cold. My lungs can't seem to shed the fluid. It feels at times that I'm breathing through a wet cloth and there is a hissing sound. I can be thankful it isn't as bad as it was two weeks ago. Maybe the steroid will help. Who knows.

I've told everyone else if you need to contact me or have something to tell me, I'm checking email. I get email from this blog and those who know me have my direct address. Friends and family have my phone number.

Writing is on my agenda for the next few days... I hope. Yesterday I did some minor spot cleaning. The floors were horrid and there was stuff lying around. So a fast cleanup was in order. It did amazing things for my mood. I've changed the way I do the dishes. Decided to try something I saw on the web. I put dirty dishes in a bin on the counter. Then wash them as I clean the kitchen. So far, I like that better than them sitting in the sink, in dishwater for a day. Sometimes I get interrupted and forget them until hours later. I've run hot water on a sinkful, walked away for something, and gone to bed totally forgetting them. So, this way, they're sitting neatly in a pan, waiting. It is working better for me.

Must go now. My time has run out. Have a great day. I missed FB yesterday. Wanted to check it but found that I missed it less than I thought I would. And I found myself reading G+ but no more than usual. I read on a better quality of items G+, I take quizzes and post memes on FB. Not acceptable to me. So, I hope this alters my habits considerably.


  1. hope your relief from the steroids lasts longer than you anticipate.
    I know what you mean about FB... the only reason I go on these days is because I've set up a private family page, and it's an easy way for the extended family to share photos. The content on G+ is much more satisfying.

  2. Hope your cold gets a little better. It's worrying that it's gone on for so long but I'm glad you said you were better than before.

    Love seeing you here. Miss you.