Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random Observations and Minutia Of No Importance

Why is it that the loveliest days I get are spent tied to my desk? I am sitting at my desk looking outside at this stunning sunny day. Yes, there are lots of clouds. I hear some storms are brewing out west but still, it is just beautiful .... out there.

And here I sit. Watching it.

I'm feeling tired today because I did not go to bed like a big girl. I've been reading a lot and that is pretty much it since I got back from Florida. Read some really good books on my Kindle. Look for Scraps of Paper and Ring of Lies - both fun mystery reads. Scraps of Paper was really my favorite in a long time.

I've done a little bit of crochet but I'm making a sweater for Sarah and it is just deadly boring at this point. That's is why many projects take me so long. When I'm in the long stretches I just get bored. I have one side done. I am hoping to start on the other side this weekend. She won't be able to wear it until Fall but that's fine. I'm making it a bit long in the sleeve and body because she is one of those children with a coltish build. She grows up, not out.

We went to the Memorial Day Service at the cemetery. It was a beautiful day with a breeze and I found a nice spot under a shade tree. I usually sit on the plaza in a folding chair but this year, I took a folding chair and found this nice spot.  These are very nice events and I like them. Jerry would have liked them, too. It is too bad we didn't go to them before he died. This cemetery is more like a park. I could see carrying a picnic basket and blanket and having lunch here. Lots of trees and paved roads throughout. You could bike here if you wanted.

 I've not even been watching as much t.v. or doing computer stuff. I was busy at the weekend and when I got back to work on Tuesday, well, it has been hectic but I can tell I needed that vacation.

My flowers are not coming up in my pots so I can't set them out. No idea why. I'm going to do a couple more things this weekend if the rain misses us. If that doesn't work, no flowers this year.

I now need another vacation............)8{

For once I have no complaints. Well, I have them but I'm not sharing. They're very trivial.

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  1. I agree with you about cemeteries. In my opinion I wish that the parks and forestry department would work with them to encourage birds and butterflies and endangered species to grow and reproduce there. I understand you need to cut grass, but they could put out seeds.

    Anyway, glad to hear from you. Miss you!