Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vacation Update

My youngest sister, Roselynn & Cindy
It is sunny and hot in the Florida Panhandle, like the handle of a cast iron skillet. Sunny and 91 degrees. Wow. I think it feels pretty good but then that's just me. You don't want to be sitting in it all day.

It has been really great to visit with my family and our trip turned out pretty good. There were 12 of us and I think we all had a good time. I had planned to go to the beach today but I am so worn out from the canoe trip yesterday that I'm content to just sit around the house. My hands are so sore from paddling.

I went shopping this morning looking for some clothes but found nothing to wear but one skirt. I picked out four outfits but when I tried them on they were so poorly made that they just looked hideous. Darts too low, hips too wide, hems uneven. Really ugly. All made overseas. I did get Sarah an outfit and I got Mike a couple of pairs of shorts and a pair of dress slacks. I'm going to have to start sewing again.

From R-L back row: Phyllis, Roselynn, Cindy, Sarah
R-L front: Callie, Aunt Phillis
Tomorrow we head back home and it is the 12 hours drive that I really dread. I've not really relaxed since we got here. The pace has been hectic. Sunday we went to church with my family and that afternoon we had a baby shower for my nephew's wife. They're expecting a girl in August. After that we came back home and spent the evening visiting. We were up at 7 am for the canoe trip and didn't get  back home until around 7 p.m. Everyone crashed once supper was eaten and baths finished.

So, after tomorrow, I can actually relax for a few days.

I wish I had time to stop off and visit in Andalusia, with my in-laws but we don't have the money to stay in a hotel and with a 12 hr drive ahead of us with no breaks, we can't afford to add any time to that trip. Perhaps next time there will be an opportunity.

Of course, De Funiak Springs, is only an a couple of hours away from all my relatives so everyone is always welcome to drive over and see us if thye really wanted to do so. Once we're out of the car, it is  pretty hard to get us back in to drive two more hours.

I'm going to take a nap, I think.


  1. Glad you had a good if tiring visit. safe journey home.

  2. It is so good to see you both sitting together smiling so prettily! I know this is a time for a depth of memories as well as a vacation from the encroaching world. Enjoy!!