Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tidings of One Sort or Another

Glad tidings! One more day before vacation. I'm so looking forward to being out of the office for ten days. We leave on Saturday and will probably be back Wednesday or Thursday. Depends on how I feel. I love going but I also love being home. And I have a lot to do.

Good tidings. I went home last night and sat on the patio until dusk and came in and watched Grimm, got my meds sorted out for the week, crocheted a bit and then got to bed later than I intended. I'm paying for it this morning. I'm a bit tired. Let me say, however, that I feel 100% better. I am hoping that the virus has gone into remission and I can actually start moving again.

Past tidings. I never want to be that sick again. Really. This has been the worst three months I've lived in a very long time. I know exactly when I got sick. Remember the rash on Presidents Day weekend in February when I was in Atlanta? I had to got to the hospital the following Monday because it was spreading. I'd been having problems with mouth sores for months. A rash on the body and mouth sores are both symptoms of Epstein Barr, aside from the generally know symptoms of sore throat and fever.

Whatever tidings. I came home tonight and cleaned the den. It was dusty and junked up. I've got it more or less sorted. I have done nothing else but look on G+ and look at crochet patterns. I've found some really pretty things. I have too much to do and not enough time.

I'm trying to get the next local writer's meeting set up but our scheduled day is Graduation day. So, must rethink it. Still trying to get it set up for Doug to come in. Stupid bug kept me down too long. I'm two months behind everywhere.

Had a lovely massage last night. Don't know if it helped a lot but I did feel so wonderful afterward. And some of the sore spots are a bit better. The neck is only slightly better than it was over the last weekend.

Massage is expensive but surely I can do that once a month? I'd love to do it weekly.

So going to get things in order while I'm off. I have tons that I want to do around her. I have a flower bed to get done and I need to clear out the closets in this house. Why can't I get rid of stuff? Why is it so hard? I hate it.

I'm done for now. My blogs are such a bore! I hate that too. I'm going to work on Mist. Yeah, that's the ticket.


  1. It's a shame that they didn't catch it sooner but I would guess it would be hard to spot because the symptoms are so similar to other things.

    I'm so glad to hear you're felling better.

  2. Your blogs are never a bore! I'm so happy you are feeling so much better, and am glad you will get to enjoy your vacation! We are heading out on Monday for two weeks! Yay!

  3. I agree with Terri - never a bore!!! And, I consider them a necessity. Have a wonderful trip, come back with lots of pictures for us, too.