Sunday, May 26, 2013


I started this blog on Friday, as you will see. Never got finished.

I don't believe it is Friday. Really. I'm on vacation, the sky is a beautiful blue, the sun is shinning and I'm sitting inside looking outside. It is cold. Well, it is to me. Right now it is 69 but my back patio is shady this time of day so it is probably a couple of degrees cooler. That's too cool for my blood and my bones. I had dreams of sitting in the warm sun and trying to get my muscles to relax to the point I don't feel as if I'm in a vise.

I've spent the last two days recovering from my trip. My hands were really sore for about two days after the canoe trip. My feet are really not doing well at all. I can barely walk on them in the mornings now. After walking around for about half an hour they are only slightly less painful. It is horrible, frankly. I have no choice but to get up and walk, regardless of how bad it hurts. And if I sit down for long, it is just as bad when I get up again.

I've discovered that when you are in pain, it is very hard to be nice to stupid people, obnoxious people, lazy people, and healthy whiners. There is something about having to do things even though you are in pain that just ticks you off about those three types. I'm not sure what it is but there ya go.

I had some intentions of writing this week. Laughable, really, when you think about it. My phone won't stop ringing. Every person in the world needs some piece of me. For some reason, everyone thinks that MY vacation means I'm available to do things for THEM.

As a result of my own personal misery, that is the fault of no one but myself, my blog has become this constant rant of ills and woes. I'm seriously considering just tossing the whole thing out the window. I really hate it.

Of course, one could say that this is really Life on the Ledge. Every day is like looking into the abyss! I can step off or keep crawling along the ledge until I get to the end of the path. When did that become the focus?

Oh. Duh.

Today is Sunday. On Saturday, I helped Phyllis with her moving, not much as the boys did the heavy stuff on Friday night. I simply carried a load in my car. Spent the afternoon on the patio with Sarah and Becca before taking Becca home. We were supposed to plant flowers on Saturday but I'm still beat. And my plants are not coming out very well. Only the Princess feathers have sprouted. A couple of marigolds but no moon flowers. I guess the seeds weren't any good after all. I'm going to try a few more and see what happens.

However, at the moment I have the worst allergy I can remember. I'm sneezing violently, an endlessly running nose, and itchy eyes. Also coughing here and there, probably from post nasal drip. I think the mild headache I have is also sinus related. So. No I can't take anything for it, at least nothing that works. However, I'm probably going to break the rule soon because the symptoms are just horrible.

I had on week where I felt fairly good. Now I'm sick again. I have Monday off and was going to do yard things but at this rate, it isn't safe to come out of the house for me.

I'm uploading short videos of our trip but they are nothing of importance. Very uninteresting for the most part.

I'm leaving this now. I can't figure out how to fix it. My brain is a sodden mess and it keeps dripping out my nose. By the time this is done, I'll have no brain at all.


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. Allergies stink!

  2. I feel your pain, literally. My knees are so ate up with arthritis, every step is a struggle. And now my feet hurt too. People who don't have constant pain don't have a clue. I laugh when they have a minor ache and tell them, that's how I feel every day, every step. But, what are you gonna do? Lay down and quit? As tempting as that seems some days, I don't want to give in to the pain. I just grin and sometimes bear it. I am on my 4th and last edit of my book. I swear this is it (at least until an publishing house requests edits!). Hang in there and know I understand.