Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lessons Learned, Now Pass the Caffeine, Please

Last night was my online writers' group and I think we all had a really good time. Lots of talking and laughing by everyone. Topic covered "magic". Basically, what is magic and how do you write it. The discussion centered around the difference in magic and science. Seemed to be a topic they all felt very strongly about and it is probably why it generated such lively discussion.

We also discussed the Roaming Paragraph, which in this instance people hated doing my assignment. Too many rules and much harder to write. However, I think it went well and the ending satisfied most of us. I always learn something from these RPs. No one else does but I always take something from it. 

What could I possible learn from the experience of the RP? Well, let me see. 
  • Point of view is very crucial. Finding the right POV may not be easy but is necessary if the story is to feel right. 
  • Multiple POV is a juggling act that must be managed carefully or you should stick with a single POV.
  • Transitions are something a good many writers pay absolutely no attention to. They simply don't check to see if they made it clear. I think this is because it is "clear" to the writer. That's not good. So, must watch my transitions with more care. I have multiple POV in my WIP (work in progress).
  • First person doesn't lend itself well to multiple point of view characters. 
  • Third person works better for M-POV if the transitions are kept in check. 
  • I am more comfortable writing in 3rd person POV.
  • After this experience, I think I need to get rid of some of my POV characters in my WIP. Or at least, not let them be a POV charcter.
  • People don't like rules. They balk and the more complex the rules, the more they balk. 
  • When forced to follow rules they don't like, people may not learn from it and they'll complain that the rules are the problem. They may refuse to follow them.
  • You can learn something from anything you do... if you choose.
  • When you can laugh at yourself about your mistakes, they don't seem nearly as bad as they did when you made them. I made a big one at the beginning of the RP. Only one person knew and generously kept quiet. I elected to tell it. It is quite liberating admitting your faults. And it allowed everyone to laugh with me rather than at me.
  • Never let a challenge go unmet, even if it seems too hard.
So, what else have I learned this week? 

I'm exhausted. I have been for nearly two weeks. I feel absolutely drained, a mind numbing tired. I'm having a hard time at work and at home focusing and doing things. It feels suspiciously like a fibro problem. I don't have huge amounts of pain anywhere in particular but I have lots of aches all over and feel as if I've not had any sleep. My neck and shoulder especially bother me.

When I'm like this, writing is practically impossible. Even doing this blog is taking far more concentration than it should. I have no idea what to write about and what I have written is simply a rambling narration. Boring. 

I do better with caffeine in me. I have to go buy some of my coffee. Mike bought coffee for me over the weekend and he bought decaf. Yes, yes, yes, I know all the spiel about caffeine. Thank you. I have one cup a day. Fibro is like a blow to the head. At the moment, and all day yesterday, I could not function well. Even felt sick until after lunch when I had a Panera salad and Acai tea, lots of it. The afternoon went much better and I felt more alert. This morning, I'm still not really very alert and it is 10 a.m. 

So, need something with caffeine? I think so.


  1. I never find your blogs boring, so put that away! Caffeine is good for you, in moderation. My two+ cups a day = healthy! Hope lunch picks you up again today, and that you begin to feel better. Hugs.

  2. lol.. great summary!
    I just want to point out that, whether people liked the rules or not, we all followed the rules.. and it's interesting that, in our discussion about magic, there was an almost universal concensus that rules were absolutely essential.
    also, fwiw, I drink an average of 5-6 cups of strong, black tea, daily... and look at me. Oh. wait. Never mind.

    1. Thanks ladies! I'm going to buy some caffeinated coffee and take back the unopened decaffeinated lb.

      It was probably the best meeting we've ever had because there was so much diversity and everyone was there. Very cool.

  3. I will drink a cup of coffee with caffeine once a week or so; sometimes every other week. There is enough caffeine in decaf to help me.

    I wish I was able to join you guys. It sounds like so much fun.

  4. oooh - I've been writing magic (well magic and myths) this week. POV and rules - ugh! But I can and do laugh at myself.