Thursday, March 21, 2013

Naked Babies

I don't have many things left that belong to my grandmother (Mama). Everything I had was sold by one of my husbands relatives when we were sent to Germany. Many heirlooms were just gone and I was devastated. So, what I have left I cling to like Titanic survivor on a raft. They are small things actually. 

I've picked up crochet again since my husband died and it has been such a blessing. I really lose myself when I'm working with a piece and when I see what other people are doing, I get a bit envious. I know enough about my skill to know I can crochet anything if you give me the pattern and these days, I've ventured out and done several things without a pattern. 

Still, there are those with a talent for crochet that I will never be able to touch. My grandmother had it. I decided to share this today when I saw some micro crochet items that someone had posted on Facebook.

The two dolls you see here, next to that American dime, are wearing clothes crocheted by my Mama. They have a bonnet, a dress, and a tiny pair of panties. Don't believe me?

She got the dolls at a baby shower many years ago. They used to put the naked babies in your glass, sometimes frozen in an ice cube. They are actually a soft rubber and their tiny limbs can actually be bent or moved. I don't do that because they are old but if you've seen the modern version of these, they are now a hard plastic and slightly larger. These ladies could sit on a quarter. At any rate, she took them home and crocheted clothes for them. 

When I can crochet something like this, I'll consider myself a master of the art. 


  1. Those are gorgeous! I found a sample of a crocheted drop on a necklace and Pinned it. It takes embroidery thread, a strand at a time. I've crocheted a granny square and attached with a ring as a drop on a silver chain. The square finished off less than an inch. Sooo cute!

  2. What wonderful keepsakes! Your grandmother was certainly a master with the crochet hook! What a blessing!!

  3. They are even more precious because you know her hands made those teeny stitches.

  4. I love them. I have been crocheting a little here and there. Making a new blanket for my new grand daughter. So I bought a package of the small steel hooks and have begun to make is very intense for me....I keep losing my place on the pattern...oh well, I might just stick with a double crochet.

  5. they are lovely, made all the more precious because of their sentimental value. You must value them very much.