Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Are You Doing Here?

I got up this morning with reluctance. I so wanted to sleep in for a bit. I was just so tired. But I dragged myself to work. 

When I arrived they stared at me and asked why I was there. I stared back. Today is my monthly furlough day. I wasn't supposed to be there. After my initial confusion and annoyance, I came home. The damage was done. 

I've been sitting in the chair all morning, first reading my devotional, praying, and then just reading stuff online, news, blogs, ads, email. I don't think the devotion time was a waste nor the prayer but the rest of it was a wash. I could have been doing the bank reconciliation or taxes. So, I am frustrated with myself because I would have felt better had I been able to get that extra hour of rest and I might have been able to actually accomplish something. 

I think I'll take charge and go do the bank stuff now. I hate doing it. I'm never happy with the results. Taxes won't be much better.

I think I will also attempt to get some writing done. Maybe that will give me some sense of accomplishment.