Monday, March 17, 2014

Pain & Things....

2014 by Cynthia Maddox 
There is no telling what tomorrow will bring, especially where I'm concerned. I have felt great today. Only a sore left pinky and a sore right knee. Pretty much everything else feels fine. No depression, no anxiety, no runny nose, no swollen neck, no cloudy brain, no unusual tiredness. Totally bizarre. Ah well, tomorrow is another day. I hope.

On a lighter note, my RA doctor's nurse called me today to see how I was doing off the methotrexate. I gave her the same spiel as the one above. She said my doctor wants to suggest another medicine. Yes, you heard me. I'm have no inflammation and I need another med. Avara. Not much better than methotrexate in that regard. Most of the same symptoms. You can have a fatal liver failure in as little as 6 months! Wow.

I've been force to evaluate what quality of life I want. Crippled hands and feet and pain or death. Gee, I dunno, what do you think?

Anyway, I see her Thursday. I'll say no for now. I ordered this stuff that was recommended by my son's pastor in Arkansas. I got last week and started using it on Friday. Isotonix OPC-3. A powder you mix with a small amount of water and drink once a day. Supposed to help with inflammation. Well, I don't know. I stopped taking the methotrexate a week ago this past Saturday. I had moderate pain in my joints and I was taking two Tylenol 8hr pain reliever three times a day. The pain receded but only taking the Tylenol. Since Saturday, I have not taken the Tylenol but about three times all total. So, is the stuff working? I don't know. I could just be at the end of the flare. It could be the weather improved. It could be prayer. It could be anything. This is the frustration of RA. You don't know until it happens.

Tomorrow I go for the MRI on my neck. I have to say, today the neck is better. Dave told me he had been having his church pray for me. So, maybe that is what happened there. It is better, much better. I still go numb when in certain positions but I don't think it is happening as quickly or as extensively. I'm thankful, whatever the vehicle. All thing work together....

Now, I'm headed for bed. Yes, early. I woke up this morning before the clock and allowed myself to lie there and wake slowly. The clock snooze is usually so annoying but it wasn't this time because I was actually awake. I wasn't very sore when I got up and I think the slower pace helped.

The one thing that really helps is sleep. If I get lots of good sleep, I feel much better. Problem is, the sleep I usually get is not very good. Too short, disturbed, and pain-filled. So the solution is part of the problem.

Still, I'm hoping for another good day. Pray for this MRI. They're looking for a herniated disk. I'm not. I don't think it is there.

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