Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday Weather - 03/05/14

Wow, another Wednesday here already. I can't believe it. It started with fog, lots of fog. I could see about a block away so driving wasn't an issue but it is just so depressing to have clouds all the time. Today was recertification day at work so I didn't have time to look out windows but I think the fog lifted pretty quickly and the sun was shining by ten a.m. I think it was warming up, at least the wind wasn't blowing.

I left for lunch right around noon and picked up Mike. I figured he needed to do his laundry by now. He told me he would be fine until the weekend but when he said he was washing out stuff every night I decided probably not. We got lunch together and he took me back to work. I gave him a shopping list and he did that for me.

I hate shopping on any day, regardless of weather. I'm a bit jealous of my Brit friends. They seem to have stores that deliver to their homes and I think that is just way cool. Yes, I'm a 60's & 70's girl. I would have said groovy but I'm not sure if anyone even remembers that word. It was such a good word, too.

The sun was still shinning when I got off and that was nice. Still no wind so the 44 degree temp wasn't uncomfortable, though I still needed a coat. Once home I sat down and didn't get up until 5:30 to get a shower. I'm exhausted and just want to go to bed.

I did some writing last night. Not much but some. The fatigue is really taking everything out of me. I hate the loss of hours that I could better use writing. The cloudy days seem to make it worse. As for fog, I've had the worst brain fog lately than I've had in a very long time. I can't shake it but I figure it is part of the fatigue.

Weather wise, it is warming but physically, I'm dead winter. Cold achy joints, brain fog, and I think I've caught a cold on top of that. I've had problems with that for weeks now, tightness in my chest. The last couple of days I've been coughing and sneezing. Winter is hanging on.

At the moment it is 43 degrees and the sun has set. I'm boiling eggs for sweet pea salad. When I was a kid we called it English pea salad. Sweet peas were called English peas and no I don't know why. That was just on the can and that's what we called it. I still call them that. They are little round green peas and them make a nice cold salad, perfect for all kinds of quick meals. One can of drained peas, one or two boiled eggs - chopped up, a tablespoon of sweet relish ( tend to use more like two because I like added flavor), and about a tablespoon or two of mayonnaise. Stir it all together and viola. Oh stop it. It is very good. If you've never tried it don't knock it. It works really well at social functions because it is cheap and easy to prepare and virtually everyone I know who has eaten it likes it. And if there is left over, put it in the fridge, covered, and tomorrow, it is just as good if not better.

Ok, now I want to eat so I have to go and prepare it. I hope wherever you are that the weather is good, the sun is shining or stars are sparkling on you. May you spend the day with happy thoughts or your night with sweet dreams.


  1. Colds are no fun and they seem to last a lot longer than the 10 days: it's more like two weeks these days.

    I don't know what it is but I find myself very tired too. I think I'm going to bed too late and that is something that I'm going to work on. Glad to hear that you're writing because I haven't been doing that at all.

    Now that I'm on my FB fast maybe I'll see to it.

  2. I think the best word to describe this winter is torture. There is no one signature event that can be pointed to and said "Hey, remember the blizzard of '77", instead it was just a cold, monotonous beatdown of the spirit. Those few days where the sun does peer out, or the temperature is almost tolerable are like tablescraps being thrown to us seasonal prisoners before the torture begins anew. The calendar says that spring is approaching and hopefully it is, because this winter has felt a lot like "Groundhog Day".

    1. LOLOL, oh my goodness, Matt, you said it perfectly. And it is true!

  3. This has not been a comfortable winter and I wish it was spring. And I wish I was there eating pea salad with you. I haven't done that in a while and it really sounds good.

    1. It really was good, very good. I'd have loved the company.