Thursday, February 21, 2013

Car Slushies and Random Escapes

The sound of rain falling is just outside the study window. It is freezing cold, too. When I left work at five someone had poured a slushy all over my car and it clung it in clumps. Did I say it was freezing? Honestly, if the sun had been shinning I think it would have felt warmer but because frozen water was everywhere it felt like I had been transported to the North Pole... at least pretty close to it.

As a result of this lovely little front that pushed in with its frozen treat, I acquired a raging migraine. It started small, just before lunch. I thought lunch would make me feel better. It didn't. By two I had to take an Imitrex. At 4, I got very ill. That is what Imitrex does to me. I get sick before it gets better. It is now 8:45 and I still have a moderately bad headache and my nose is now stuffy. So, I will have to take something for the sinus issue and hope the head stops pounding. I will not sleep well with this headache. My neck is not good either but that is typical with these headaches. Thankfully, they have become much sparser in the last couple of years. I hope the trend continues. 

I enjoyed my little weekend getaway a lot and I am going to have to start doing something like that when I can. It was enough to break my sense of imprisonment. 

Did I say that? I suppose it is true. When Jerry died he left me stranded in a place where I have no family but my sons and granddaughter and one sister, who is also trapped. She has no one but us. In the current economic nightmare we call an economy, although there is nothing economic about it, you can't just up and leave a perfectly good job because you want to break out. So, random escapes may be the answer.

Bake me a cake, will ya?


  1. if I baked you a cake, it would be stale by the time you got it... so instead I'll send a virtual hug, which gets there.... immediately :-)

    1. Thanks. I'm sure the cake would be good but the hug isn't fattening.

  2. A hug from me, too, then!!

    Sure hope the headache has gone by now. Silly as it sounds, I used to be plagued by migraines, and also took a medicine I can't remember the name of, for them (not Imitrex). I went on the Adkins Diet, and going off carbs for several months did away with my migraines. I've not had one, now, in years, even though I eat carbs all the time now. Coincidence? Perhaps. Who knows.

    I loved hearing about your trip to Georgia, and hope we can take a little detour off I-75, some day, to see the Whistlestop Cafe!! Thanks (always) for your blogs!