Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Brain in a Box

Thursday dawned... well, it got light out. Gray skies, a rather half-hearted rain, and freezing cold greeted me when I raised the garage door. Yikes! Into the breech.

I went to work. Things are backing up and they are beginning to intimidate me. I hope tomorrow will be a day that I'll get it all organized. I didn't get a lot done in the morning but my continued exhaustion is wreak havoc with my concentration.

I had lunch with my friend, Doug today. He's a brilliant friend, is Doug. You'd really like him. When the opportunity to have lunch with him arises, I'm thrilled. Fortunately these opportunities seem to arise when I'm having knotty problems with my story. Doug is the king of disentangling knotty story problems. Really, I don't know how he does it but it is as if he has this laser vision that cuts through layers and layers of tangled story. You hand it to him and suddenly, in minutes, lunch was only an hour remember, he hands you back the core of the story you were looking for but couldn't see. I left lunch with my prize, a brain in a box! Yep, Doug gave me a brain in a box and it is going to revolutionize my story.

No, really.

Seriously, it will.

Sigh. OK. So, it's only going to get me out of a corner that I boxed myself into when I introduced the box. Wow... it isn't a pun but it should be. But Simon is going to love this box. When I tell him.

The afternoon was much brighter, at least, in my mind. That brain in the box was a nice motivator. Staying focused was much harder but I managed to get more work done than I originally anticipated. But there's still piles.

I'm so tired and it is really silly to be sitting here writing a blog post. I can barely think straight and when I read this it sounds ridiculous. But that is what I do.


  1. Blogs are for processing and for journaling. You having to have a journal with feedback!

  2. Well, I don't think your post sounds silly or ridiculous. Glad your friend could untangle some of your story for you, and you could enjoy lunch with him, too! I read 'one' and 'two' of your Inked Well. Enjoyed it and will continue popping on there when I can. I need to explore your tabs, for goodness sake!! TGIF (tomorrow)!

  3. What's in the box is what's driving the story, so finally knowing what everyone is chasing after makes your job a lot easier. Way to go, Doug!

    @Terri: Thanks for reading our story. Hope it gives you a chuckle or two.

  4. So sorry to hear that you have been having pain issues again. I hope the weekend has given you some respite. I could do with a brain a box some days. I hope it was the kick tart that you needed.