Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's A Plan

The middle of the week has arrived and I'm in a dark place. I've been trying to figure out when life became such a chore.

That was the start to a blog yesterday that I was unable to finish. Today, I'm better, thanks to some praying friends. Life is still a chore but the well hasn't run dry. Of course, those that know me know it will break down just as I need a bucket full.

I took off today at noon and I will take off tomorrow at noon. I have to do some things to get my house in order. I can't even put up decorations because of all the stuff piled in the dinning room. I want the dinning room organized so I can have Christmas dinner with my family. I don't want to be sitting around the living room with paper plates.

Mike and I spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage... for about the sixth time in four years. I feel better when I do that. Yes, I know its weird. It looks a lot better. Not that it is sorted out, it will be easier for David, as well since his work gear will be in one spot. I need to get my garage door lock repaired. It works but it has a pin missing that makes it hard to lock.

I also have a couple of other chores to do and I think getting them done will make me feel better. However, the efforts in the garage, that took about three hours, is now beginning to be felt. I'm aching in my neck and shoulders and back. I'm going for a hot shower now and then some supper. I will work half a day tomorrow also and I am hoping to get my dining table after lunch and get everything decorated this weekend.

Oh... must tell this. We had to wear mask to clean the garage. There were mouse droppings everywhere. They had been in the bird seed that I forgot we had and I'm guessing they're well fed. Well, for days we have been smelling something in the garage. Dave said something was dead. I told him it was the mower. He will often leave the grass bag on the mower full and when the grass rots it stinks terribly. I've emptied it more than once and nearly fainted from the rotten grass smell. Anyway, I was cleaning out the corner where we have a lot of left over lumber from the remodel and I was sweeping out a pile of leaves... I thought. But they wouldn't come out. I leaned over.... and screamed and ran.

A opossum was staring at me. He didn't come out and I realized that the source of our smell was a dead animal! I knew that something was getting in the garage through an opening where we had removed a door and covered over it. We had it blocked with a piece of lumber but not enough to stop wildlife. I had caught a stray cat sleeping on top of the grass bag of the mower and told Mike to put up another board outside until I can block up that hole. He did... weeks ago. Mr. O'Possum paid the price for B&E.

Mike said he wished he'd had a video camera. Mean old boy.

So the garage is sorted and cleaner. Needs a good hosing down but we'll think about that this summer.


  1. EEEEWWWWWWWW. I'm not thrilled when I have to deal with the occasional mouse that makes it into the house, and the cats then 'deal with it'. But I use many many many layers of papertowels to pick up the body, and throw it outside. But that's very little, and fresh, and non-smelly.
    How on EARTH did you dispose of the possum?
    (and btw, I, too, wish Mike had had a video camera!)

    1. Mike knows how to use a shovel. He put it in a trash bag and tied it up and put it in the trash.

  2. Well I have never met an oppussom, going to have to Google it as I am not sure what they look like. It must have given you such a fright. I am glad that you are feeling a little better and hope you have a good weekend.

  3. I had a oppossum in my garage once. I went out to get something and there it was staring at me. I turned and ran. I left the door open for several hours and went back to check and he was gone. They frighten me. Sounds like you have lots to do to get ready for Christmas. I am visiting my daughter this year so I haven't bothered decorating since I won't be back until past new year. Hope you can get things together and enjoy a happy time with family.

  4. LOL - my sister had a family of opossums sneaking into her kitchen, through a hole in a basement window. She couldn't figure out why her cats were eating so much....than got up at 3:00 a.m. for a drink of water, and there they were...enjoying the cat food, like they belonged there! She had to call animal control! They are sneaking little critters, for sure!

    Glad you are taking some time off to accomplish what you need to at home. Wishing you a productive weekend!!