Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wake Up Call

My brother, Bill, called and woke me this morning. He just wanted to chat. I've been sick all week with some kind of freak cold that has me coughing up my lungs. I managed to work Friday but it was miserable. Yes, I went to the doctor and got antibiotics....I feel only marginally improved since I went to the doctor on Wednesday and worse than I felt last Saturday - Monday.

Oh.. thanks so much for the letters and notes of concern. Really, I've sat in this house alone for a week, seeing no one and lying around feeling like last years garbage. I have warned everyone away because no one, I mean NO ONE needs this, least of all Sarah or my sister, Phyllis. She's still getting over her surgery and Sarah, well you all know how she gets ill so easily.

Anyone notice how the bugs are getting worse? Seriously. Or maybe I'm getting worse at fighting them off. Anyway, this is really bad.

Say a prayer for my sister, Roselynn. Some of you will remember Roselynn when she had her own Multiply blog. She's been sick and her blood pressure is giving her a lot of trouble. It appears they can't get it regulated. She's had a lot of stress with her son over seas for several years now and her daughter having heart problems. And like our whole family she is overweight. Just put her on your prayer list. I know she'll appreciate it.

I am now on my way to get a hot shower and hope I turn into a human being again. Being a slug is no fun.

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