Thursday, January 19, 2012


I wasn't able to go to work today but I got word tonight that at a staff meeting today the boss announced he would be getting rid of three staff members. He said they would get no warning notices. He would deliver a notice to their office and that would be their last day. 

Many of you who've been on my list for a long time know they have done this kind of thing before. It is far more serious now. They have serious money problems. I think they will get rid of some of us. 

There is no way to predict who it will be based on any reasonable criteria. They don't operate that way. All I can ask is that those of you who pray, put me on your prayer list. The loss of this job is something I've worried about for a while. I don't have any prospects in this market at my age and with my health issues. So prayer is all I know to do. 

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  1. Ask, it is done. Praying will continue. Rotten news, good luck!