Sunday, November 2, 2014

Swimming with the Fishes

So... it begins. I got my first day of NaNo done and I'm nervous at how easy the words flowed onto the page. On day one. Without much effort. I ended up with 2122 words. The required is 1667 a day.

I think I'm terrified.

However, I'm rather impressed with my cover. This year NaNo allows you to create a cover for your novel and put it on your profile. Well, you could before but they created a special place for it this year. I couldn't resist. I love playing with the photo program and I had fun once I got started. I only had one problem.

Did you know there are not many free photos of dead bodies floating underwater? Really. I mean, I couldn't even find one on Google! I finally located a photo of a woman floating underwater with a copyright that would allow me to alter it. I used her head.

To top it off, there are plenty of fish photos but none with a dead body floating in the water with the fish. I got lucky in that the fish in the photo happens to be rainbow trout. This matters because I got the idea for the story during a visit to a fish hatchery in Branson, MO, a rainbow trout hatchery. Wasn't that lucky.

With my two free photos I started to work in and the end result is shown here. I like the way her head is surrounded by a fish and algae. It sort of just happened. It isn't a perfect but I think it came out pretty good.

My friend, Doug, asked if I was writing a gangster novel. Actually he said, "Please tell me you're writing a gangster novel?" I'm not but then, it's early days yet so, who knows.


  1. Great to be excited about writing isn't it? I'm not doing NaNo this year, but I am writing. I'm working on my blogs and trying to get in the habit of writing daily. Sort of like Nano, but without the pressure of a word count or continuity of plot. Blogging doesn't require the creativity that noveling requires. Less work in shorter bites. Maybe by next year, I'll be ready for NaNo. In the meantime, I delight in keeping up with your progress. Please let me be a beta reader when SWIMMING WITH FISHES is ready. Please, please, please!

  2. Good to read a note from you, too, Nancy! Yes, Dixie - finding the right graphic is time-consuming. You've done a good job putting these together. I've fed trout near Branson. Glad you got to be there and enjoy that, too. I noticed "A Writer Called Wanda" on your blog list who will be missing for the next 30 days. Glad you could take a moment so we don't miss you too much!