Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just an Update on Life

Today is Thursday and the 20th day of NaNo. I have ten days left to beat this but it isn't looking good. I'm officially over 5000 words behind. I might be able to pull it off if I can write about 2030 words a day. If I couldn't write 1667 a day, why would I even thing I could do more than 2000? It isn't reasonable.

I've managed to bully  my neck into some sort of uneasy truce. I try and not put it in awkward positions, give it medicated patches that make me look as if someone attacked my neck, and take a pill to help the nerves and it leaves me alone for the most part. Now and then it sends signals to my brain that remind me it is still in bad shape. Just so I don't forget who is in charge, I think. I've been fighting severe fatigue all week. Three hour naps in the morning. I hate that. Brain isn't working before noon. Doesn't work well afterward either but I'm functional. I'm on the tail end of my steroid dosage and I will be sorry to see it go in one sense only. My pain has been minimal. I won't be sorry to lose the constant hunger.

Any plans I had of getting a part time job have sort of fizzled. I've been ill nearly every week since I retired. I'm looking for work at home things. At the moment, I'm doing some online surveys which will get me Amazon money or Paypal money. Not much but you know, you can do a lot with $20 on Amazon. Really. I've also signed up for as an Amazon affiliate. So, I'm plugging that in this post. If you shop amazon, use the links on this page, PLEASE. There is one in the menu bar above and a search box to the right.

Why would I ask yo to do this? Because every time you use it they give me credit and if you actually buy something, I get credit. I'm a bit strapped for cash. I lost half my income and part of my health care. I have a disease that causes bouts of severe pain and limited mobility at times. Some days I can barely walk. So, use my page to go to Amazon. They don't charge you for it. Believe me, you're not helping me get rich.

I have a lunch date with a girl friend who is moving away. Loraine has been such a good friend for five years. We met through NaNoWriMo and I've enjoyed meeting up with her for lunch and having some nice long chats. She and her husband and new son will be starting a new chapter in Nashville, TN and I wish them well but I sure will miss her a lot.

I won't bore you with my whining today. I should start making my New Year's List of Lies soon. You know, those things you say you're going to do or stop doing next year, only you never seem to accomplish any of them? Yeah, that list. I'm thinking I'll do one this year just so I can rub my nose in my failure next December.

Have a great day.

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