Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To All Who Served and Who Now Serve

You were not chosen to serve this nation. 
You chose to do so. 
The choice to defend those who would not or could not defend themselves is a calling of which few are capable. 
It requires strength, determination, and dedication to something beyond oneself.
Some of you gave your youth, some gave your lives.

The hope our nation offers to her people 
is only as good as those who defend her. 
You not only guard this nation, 
you guard all that she represents.
You are the watchmen on the wall and 
our last defense in perilous times.

To those who gave their all to protect this land, 
to all who have served and are now serving,
we are forever in your debt.

For your service and your sacrifice, I am eternally grateful, not only for myself but for my children 
and their children's children. 
May the God Heaven forever guard you and protect you as you guard and protect all that I love.

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