Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Net Effect

Friday, October 17, 2014

For the first time in a long time, I am without Internet. I don’t know how it happened. I’ve had problems with it for months. Originally, they told me it was my router. Since it was 4 yrs old, I thought it possible, so I bought a new one for nearly $70. I don’t like it as much as my old one.

Today, the net went down again. For good. Tech support for the ISP said it was my modem. I went and bought a new one, for $96. No, I do not have a pot of gold. I don’t even had a wallet of quarters. I got home and hooked it up. Guess what. I still have no Internet.

After a second call to tech support they thought “something else” as going on that they couldn’t fix. I explained the economics of my situation to him in a fairly irate voice. I pointed out if my equipment was new then it must be his network that was the problem. He didn’t want to agree with me but when faced with my obvious knowledge in this area, he said, “I can’t fix whatever it is.”

“They why don’t you connect me to the person who can.”

A tech will be out on Tuesday morning. Yes, Tuesday. So, no internet between now and then. Oh I can go somewhere and get online and that’ll be fine. I’ll be at a writers’ meeting tomorrow afternoon. I can run over to the library or McDonald’s in the morning. I’m not upset by not having the service. I’m upset at the $170 I’ve spent on their say so. I don’t believe I even needed new equipment.

So, as Mike pointed out, “You’ll have plenty of time to write, Mom.”

This is true. 

October 21, 2014

That was then. I didn't write much. I spent the time doing laundry, at a writer's meeting, and at church. Today, the internet is up. The tech, James, came by and stood in the office door and said, "I know what your problem is. They didn't set up your modem in our system. Did he ask for your modem information?" 

"Yes they did. How do you know they didn't?"

He held up his phone. "I can see it right here."

He made a call and in moments the net was up and working. So, we chatted for about 45 minutes and he suggested I buy a Mac.  Hey, I paid for his time. 

That doesn't sound right but I'm letting it stay.

Now, the laundry has been folded, hung up, and put away. I have another load to wash soon but I'll give it a bit. I've answered NaNo emails, personal emails, and caught up on FB. I'll catch up on G+ but lately there's been precious little of interest there. I need new friends or maybe I just need a real life. November will give me lots to do. 

On Sunday, my new Co-ML, Tammy came by and we got out gift bags set up. I have some other items I need to run off and put in there. We're going to have our kickoff party on November 1 at the library. 

Sarah will be home shortly and my evening will become a bit hectic for a few hours. Once she's done her homework, she'll hit the road and play for a few hours before bedtime. I've spent far too long online this afternoon but hey, I did without for 4 days! I told Sarah last night we'd have internet back on tonight. 

She said, "Oh, I don't care." Then a few seconds later she glanced over her shoulder at me and asked, "When will Grimm be back on?" 

I laughed and told her I'd check. 

She said, "It's usually Saturdays."

For those uninformed, Grimm is a tv show based on the legend of the Grimm Brothers and the fairy tales. It is not your average fairy tale. When she was about 4 or 5 I was sitting at the computer watching it and she came in and climbed on my lap and asked me what I was watching. I wasn't paying attention but then realized, it might be a very scary show for a child that age. (It took me a while to get readjusted to younger minds.) Something slithered across the screen and I gasped and covered her eyes. "You don't need to be watching this!" 

She pulled my hand off her face and in her sweet, little voice said, "Oooo, what's that?" The deed was done. From that point on, she was a fan and has watched every show she could with me. Since I watch online I could always wait to watch until she came over and that was generally on Saturdays. Each week she ask, "When is Grimm on?" She never gets scared and thinks the werewolf is very cool. I do, too. 


  1. When I went off the 'net for two weeks earlier this year, I found no "extra" time available and I missed finding out what my 'net friends were doing. I found it fairly easy, though, to toss aside any temptation to break my 'net fast. However, I do not plan to repeat the experiment!! And I regret what you had to go through to get back on. Sarah? She's as intrepid as her grandmother!!