Friday, October 10, 2014

In My Neck of the Woods....

One room done. Yes, one room. I worked on the Red Room all week and finally have it all sorted out, closet cleaned, and everything arranged. That is "Sarah's room", if she ever sleeps in there. 

After I did the one room I decided to just move down the hallway, one room at a time. I'm now working on the middle room, the smallest bedroom and where the desktop computer is stationed. I began work on the closet today. I did pretty good but there is still too much stuff.

The small room is like an office but I'm really tired of the huge desk I have in there. I need to get rid of it but I hate to just dump it. I don't know if anyone would buy it either. It is a beautiful desk but too large for most places. I just really want it gone. I have a smaller, more efficient desk at Mike's that I can get back. Just needs painting. And I should do it. It would make things much easier. I just have no place to put all the stuff in the current desk. I'd  have to buy a cabinet and that's just more stuff. 

I have way too much furniture and I think about getting rid of some of it but never do. Every stick is used. Except for all the seating. I seldom have company but when I do, I need it. My house is small with very little efficient storage. Even my bathroom has no cabinets. In the 50's people lived with less. So, I'm considering shelving in some areas. Sarah has my huge bookcase in her room because all her books and toys fit on it. 

Sometime in the last couple of weeks I've caught a cold. Sarah has one, too, so I've probably got it from her. I think it all started as allergies. We both have them. It has turned into to a upper respiratory issue. She's worse than me. She has asthma and her colds turn into something worse this time of year. 

I'm going to bed now. This isn't a very good post but it is what is happening here. Frankly, I can live with very little drama. 

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  1. If you need the money and that desk is in good shape you could always consign it. I'm sure there are places in Evansville that have furniture consignment. If you just want to get rid of it you could always put up a sign at church to see if anybody needs one. Lastly if still no luck you could donate it and have Goodwill or Salvation Army pick it up. Or you could do like people do here in Florida, put it on craigslist and move it to the curb to be picked up.
    Sorry you and Sara are feeling bad. My son Kyle brought home a cold from Kentucky from his visit a couple weeks ago. He just can't knock it so I told him to start taking some vitamin C. But I doubt he'll listen.
    I keep meaning to tell you that I'm glad Sara is there with you. I know you don't need extra responsibilities but I think he company will be good for you.
    Feel better soon! Hugs!