Monday, October 8, 2012

In the Numbers

I love looking at interesting stats. Interesting in that it concerns me. NaNoWriMo is coming and for the month of November I'll be watching the stats regarding my word count and cheering on my local group and some online friends as I watch their counts.

I also watch the stats on this blog. I have always found it interesting the way Google tracks things. It has been both confusing and interesting over the years. Mind you, I have never marked it much or said much about it. However, since the advent of G+ I've watched with increasing interest.

On December 12, 2011 this blog was at just over 7500 hits. I posted about it. This could be bots, intentional visit by people and unintentional visit by people. I wasn't impressed because I've been here since 2005. That's pretty pathetic. What did impress me at that point was that it had jumped from 4500 to 7500 in two months. The only change at that time was that I posted the link in my NaNo profile and I linked my blog with G+. I also began posting a link on my Facebook page. It's private but shares would account for an increase in traffic from that portal. See, if you look at the referring URLs you can see where the traffic originates. Those are people clicking on the links. There's a lot of y'all!

Most educated folks know about correlations and one can't argue that there is one. Still, I wasn't terribly impressed. But I find it interesting enough to start paying a bit more attention.

A few weeks ago I think I mentioned in a blog I'd topped 15,000. Today I was looking at the count page where it shows the most viewed posts. I do this pretty frequently. If people are reading, I'd like to know what interest them most. Cause you want to write about that.

Today, the count stands at 17, 619. {gulp} In 2011 I was slightly impressed at 2000 in a couple of months. I've doubled in less than a year. In about a week, if the trend continues I'll top 18,000. I think I'm now at the surprised phase and a bit more impressed.

No, for those who would like to throw cold water on me or deflate my ego or tear down my euphoria, move along. For those who think it's needy and tacky and all those other big words you use, move along.

I think this is cool. And for those real people out there, thanks for dropping by!


  1. really? somebody would bother to throw cold water on your stats?? Shoot them!! It's not as if you're claiming to be the Big Kahuna... you're just sharing your stats.
    btw, love your definition of 'interesting'!! nothing like a big of honesty.. lol

  2. Never looked at them, going to have to now!

  3. I think it's cool, too! I like my blogs to be more private, and haven't quite figured out all the privacy stuff yet, other than putting e-mail addresses in for those allowed to see my posts. My blogs would not be that interesting for people who haven't been with me awhile, or tried to get to know me, and many of my "friends" are people I have known for years. Who knows where this will lead? I DO enjoy your blogs, and it does not surprise me that you are acquiring an audience!!

    1. Thanks so much, Terri! I'm a bit surprised at times when people say that. Can't figure out why one of my rants would interest anyone. But then, I read blogs kind of like mine, where people are telling me about their life and thoughts. I like that so maybe others do too. I figure people pick and choose what they like and ignore the rest. LOL

      I read your blog! I don't think it is boring. I think if you read any of the blogs listed here, mine included, you'll find stuff that is of no interest to you. But it is the stuff we have in common or feel a connection to that keeps people coming back.

  4. Stats are fun. And your numbers are impressive. I never know what I'm going to find when I visit here, but I do know it will come straight from your heart!