Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Exciting Life

I've never called my life exciting. Really. From my perspective it is totally boring. You all have been reading me for a while and know it. If you're new, skip back a couple of years, oh, say January 2009 and you'll understand a lot better. There's ups and downs, the latter often far outnumbering the former, but totally boring.

I actually dreamed of a simple life with normal family and friends and a job I loved and a husband to rub my back now and then or to rock on the porch with as the sun sets. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Dream on.

 I went to bed at 9:30 last night! Unreal but I simply couldn't hold my head up. Does that  sound exciting? No. Of course not. I had a writer's meeting at 6:30 and was done by 8:30 and in bed by 9:30. How exciting is that. Don't get me wrong. I have the best writing group. They're all a hoot. We all have a good time in our G+ hangout. But I was about to fall over by the time we were done.

There was the weekend, of course. I spent it making little boxes to go in my gift bags for the NaNo kick-off on the 26th. I killed my printer. Not on purpose. But I broke it somehow. Paper jam I think but who knows. I discovered it tonight when I was going to work on . . . something else. I thought, great one more thing. I couldn't remember when I bought it but I did remember I bought an extended warrenty on it. At least I was pretty sure. I couldn't remember where I bought it, though.

So, I dug around in a box of papers. I found it. Yep. It came with a 1 yr warranty and I had bought an additional year. I bought it December 24, 2010. What in the world was I doing in Sam's Club on December 24? Apparently buying a printer.

I loaded up the printer, after asking Sam's Club what to do and being told they weren't sure, and carried it to the store. A little blond welcomed me and said, "You got here fast." Three clerks later, and one who thought the extended warranty expired and my statement that they did not run concurrent and if so that was a rip off, I walked out with a printer that cost me....$10.39.

Buy the extended warranties, buy them for a couple of years if possible. I've replaced four printers this way. They wear out if you use them a lot. Or if you kill them. Office Depot has the best ones for electronics. And they price match. The original printer was one cent more than this new one. It is virtually the same printer but a newer model. I saved a penny. Well, not really. The warranty cost a couple of dollars more. But hey... I'm good with it.

I have the warranty. The new one is not as good as the other one. I have to call in, report it is broken, and they mail me a gift card. So, what would I do while I wait for that to arrive?

I'm going to try really hard not to kill  this printer.

Darn it. I left the paper in the dead printer.


  1. We need a new printer. No extended warranty. Will do it next time.

  2. We never buy extended warranties, but perhaps we should revisit it. The laser printers last forever, but the inkjets give us maybe three years tops. The laser is the workhorse. Accounting stuff doesn't have to be in color.

    I don't find your posts boring at all!

    1. Terri, I had two Epson Ink Jets, 1 year apart. I paid nothing but the cost of the warrenty. I bought an HP when the second died. I still have it. It works but is no longer under a warranty. I'e had it a good six years. The one that dies this week, as you see, was just under two years and I think I did something to it. It too is an HP and I replaced it with an HP. Both of these are All-Purpose printers, fax, scan, print docs and photos. Since I do all of those things, it is more cost effective. But I'm not running a business. At work I have an HP Laserjet and as you said,it is a workhorse. Mine is probably 10 years old if it is a day. I pray over it daily because they don't make this one anymore and because they've been replacing them with crappy Lexmark printers that die in a year.

      I'm so glad someone finds them interesting. LOL, you poor dear, you don't get out much do you? Actually, I'm one of those people who like hearing about how other people live and the crazy things that happen to them. Sometimes it makes me feel better knowing other people have crazy lives, too.

  3. Good morning, your posts are not boring , they are your thoughts, feelings , struggles and they do often tug at my heart .
    Oops about the printer and I hope this sunny day brings blessings to you.

  4. I don't find your posts boring. I like reading them. Sometimes I don't comment on people's blogs because I think my comments are boring...I have had several kills on printers. My favorite was the kodak printer because the ink cartridges were cheap. Last time my printer was acting up and I needed new cartridges so I went and got a new printer for the cost of the cartridges. The new printer came with ink cartridges! I think I gave the old printer to someone.
    Have a great Wednesday...wish they had a writing group near me.