Sunday, September 4, 2011

Odd Sunday

I went to church this morning with Mike and my sister, Phyllis. We had lunch at Grandy's and I came home to sit and crochet. I had an ocular migraine around 3 p.m. that freaked me out. I felt fine, no pain or warning. Then, while I was doing a crossword puzzle I began having trouble reading the clues. There were spots in the way and I couldn't see the letters clearly. Next came the weird neon lights in my right eye, around the outer edge of it. I had a flashing blue at the top of the eye and a swirling blinking one to the out edge. Joining these were a zigzag, blinking, black and white line.

I called my eye doctor, bless him the best one in the whole world. He gives his cell number and his home number on his answering machine! I felt so bad since it is a holiday calling him but he called me back in under 20 minutes. Listened to me tell him what was happening and told me it should pass off in another 20 but if it did not to call him back. He said if I had any symptoms that persisted I should go immediately to the er. He said he'd been in his office a little while today and could see me if I felt he needed to.

This is not unusual for him. He's wonderful.

It did pass of in about 20 minutes and I was fine. This is the second time I've had this kind of migraine. It terrified me then, too. I get concerned about being in the car when this kind of thing comes on. Last time I drove to his office from work and it was so scary.

After the lights went out I watched a program on Xfinity online.

Tonight I discovered I got Jilly's DPT screwed up a bit. I did Tuesday's on the third, did the third! I think I've mucked it up a bit but I'll get on track. Ran across another tonight for the end of the month. Considering this is my first time doing the DPT I figure I can mess up a bit. I've already got about half of them!

Now, I'm going to use the Boomerang feature for Gmail and send them ahead so I won't have to worry with it. One thing I discovered it it doesn't work in Firefox, although the site says it does. It works in Chrome, which is good because I'm quickly learning to like it for a lot of things. It is so fast!

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. I'm planning on going to the church picnic with Mike. It is supposed to be sunny and in the 70's and this will be perfect weather to be outside for ball games and volleyball. I am hoping to take Sarah but she's been under the weather today. Her mother says too much cake.

Good night!

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