Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day in the Weekend

I just spent the entire weekend watching Firefly and was sad when the last episode aired. I have the whole series, which was only one season. My sister has the movie and I should go and buy my own copy so I don't borrow it and give it back. It is such a great story. I get so caught up in it that I can't stop until it is over.

I didn't do much else over the weekend but start two denim skirts for Sarah and play games online. Oh, and I'm over half done with the baby shawl I'm making. I'll have to get photos for you or a video. It's been a bit challenging because I start a row and find myself doing the previous row. It is a row of shells and then the base chain to do the next row of shells. But I forget and just keep doing shells. I'm better now. Not doing that as much but still enough to frustrate me and annoy.

At the moment, I'm doing nothing. I'm tired and I think I'll just get my shower and go to bed. The day did not go as I had hoped and I'm feeling under the weather. Nose stuffy, throat scratchy, headachy. Sarah has been sick all weekend with a cold and Becca was also not well yesterday. So the season has started.

Hope you have had a better one.

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