Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday Wonder - Just Me


  1. So lovely to hear you chatting. You have figs! Love figs! They don't grow that well here. You need to net the trees.

    OH, I hate the squirrels too. We used to get loads in the old house but despite being right in the country here I have never seen one in our garden, thank goodness. My bird food doesn't get stolen any more.

    You look very tanned to me. Sounds horrid sleeping without pillows.

    Are your thrift stores the same as what we would call a charity shop? IE People donate unwanted goods of all kinds which are then sold on for charity.

    Goodwill? Charity shop?

    I must send you some photos of the shelves we have just fitted in my sewing room. They would work for you I think. They take baskets and have a usable area on the top and they don't have a back so no problem with plugs.

    I couldn't understand that last bit? Think It must be an accent thing!

    Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to you chat and to see you looking good. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thrift stores.. yes. Goodwill uses handicapped individuals to clean, refurbish, and work in the stores. They do other things for handicapped people but primarily employ them in the shops. Salvation Army stores are similar. We have St. Vincent's De Paul, a Catholic agency. They're pricier than the other two. And we have numerous second hands shops. I couldn't begin to get to them all.

      Do share the pictures. I still haven't found what I'm looking for!