Friday, August 7, 2015

Current Projects

Have I posted since I got back from Arkansas? I can't remember. I've been sick most of the last week. Today is the best I've felt since the 1st of August.

I started this beautiful project about three weeks ago and did about a dozen rows and put it down. I started working on it again today and I am so thrilled with how it looks. There is no pattern. I make up each row as I go. The plan is to make a small throw rug out of it. 

The yarn is Red Heart and I think this is called Fiesta. It makes a beautiful piece. I've used it before to make a throw for a friend. I had plenty left over to do something else and this is from that stash of leftover yarn every crocheter possesses. 

Red Heart is not known for its cuddly soft yarn. It tends to be a bit scratchy but is very warm in the winter and you can use a fabric softener bath to soften it up a bit. I've made a couple of throws out of it. As a rug it won't matter if it is soft. 

I took this photos early this afternoon. Currently, the piece has grown by at least three or four more rows. I may put rubber backing on it if I use it on the wood floor, but I'm thinking Sarah's room next to her bed. There is a 5' by 7' carpet in there but it is neutral and this would be a beautiful color accent on the rug for that sunny room and it wouldn't slip. It should be nearly three feet in diameter by the time it is done. 

I just love looking at it. It is like sunshine.

For the last three weeks I've also been making washcloths as a gift. They are really pretty and I'm making a few extra for myself. This stitch is called the up and down stitch and makes a nice texture for the cloth, much tighter than previous ones I've made. The tighter texture will be nice for the bath. This is Sugar & Cream cotton thread. Generally, this is used for handbags and other crafts, such as these cloths.

I love making things to give away. I must put yarn gift cards on my Christmas and birthday lists. Only a couple of people buy me gifts these days but if I ask for specific places I usually get them. 

Now, off to the shower and then back to the projects.


  1. Sorry to hear you weren't well. Hope you're improving.

  2. You do such nice work. The rug will look really cute in Sarah's room. Curious to know where you go the pattern for the dish cloths.

    1. Chris, I have a book for an afghan using 64 different stitches. You make a square with each stitch. I've used the stitches in this book for several projects. I just pick on I like or I want to try and start. Funny but I've never made the afghan. I only bought it for the variety fo stitches.

      The cloth is done in a series of 2 +1.

      Chain until you get your desired chain length and turn.
      Row 1: sc, dc, sc, *repeat to end of row and end with the same stitch you started the row. Chain 1 & turn.
      Row 2: dc, sc, dc * repeate to end of row and end with the same stitch you started the row. chain two and turn
      Row 3: repeat Row 1.
      Row 4: repeat Row 2.

      You repeat rows 1 & 2 alternately until you have the desired size of the project. I stopped at 34 rows. It just depends on how big you want your project. You can do a cloth or a whole afghan with this.

      The edging on the cloth is simply chain stitches.

      Edging: Chain 1 & turn. Single crochet in the corner and chain 3, skip the next single crochet. SC in the next stitch and chain 3, skip the next stitch and sc in the next. Follow this pattern all the way around and slip stitch to finish off.

      You could do any kind of edging as long as you have the right number of stitches for the pattern you choose.