Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Novel Life....

It is Tuesday already? What happened to the weekend? I was so busy working on my book that I didn't even notice it until it was over. And yesterday was a holiday? The only way I knew was because Sarah was home most of the day. Fortunately, my sister came and took her out for the afternoon and I could finish up the first edit of my novel.

Today I've worked most of the day on making the changes that I noted in the read through over the last week. This is a bit tedious. Some pages only have one thing noted on it. But I've finding myself reading the screen and making changes to the text. I had intended to do that but not until I made the corrections noted in the hard copy. Ah well.

I'm fairly exhausted at the moment. I spent a couple of hours this morning getting my self sorted out and cleaning Sarah's room. I changed the sheets on both our beds and sorted and put away some of the laundry that has been lying around a week. I'm telling you, nothing got done in the last week because I spent it in a chair editing this story! The house is no horrible but only because I was cleaning a room at a time here and there. I actually used the vacuum Sunday night and did the rugs. I dusted the den and cleaned it and I think I mentioned it somewhere in one of the blogs. You can go hunt it if you're really driven.

I've got dishes to wash and I need to finish the laundry. I've been at my desk working since around ten a.m. and I stopped around 3 p.m. I think I need to take a break. I've got 18 pages of edits done. There are 140 more to go, some with extensive revision. I have to write the ending, although I have a basic outline of what happened. Why am I dreading writing the ending? Huh?

I have been reading a book as well. I have had to take stretch breaks and mental breaks. That's the best way I've found to distance myself. Reading someone else's stuff helps me forget mine for a bit.

I'm going to take one of those  breaks now. May not get back to the blogs for days at this rate. I want to get this run through done.

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