Friday, June 27, 2014

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

I've never won anything. Really. Not anything of any value. Oh, sure, I've got those BOGO coupons or discount coupons from businesses. I don't count those as prizes so much as fish hooks. So, when I got a message yesterday that I'd actually won something, I was a little bit skeptical. There are no free lunches, not in  my world.

If you look to the left, you'll see a packed bag. No, I'm not taking a trip, at least, not yet. Maybe soon. This is a emergency preparedness kit I won from our local power company, Vectren. It contains all kinds of really cool things. There was a weather radio, which is already set up in my living room. Other items inclued a floatable flashlight with a dead battery. (See, I told you.) There is a small battery operated fan (I haven't checked those batteris),  three games (UNO, checkers, and chess) in case the power is out and you can't watch t.v., manual can opener, a large jug of water and two small bottles of water, two packages of Wet Ones wipes, a small first aide kit, ligher and scented candle. There might have been something else but I can't remember off hand.

What I really like is this very large tote that it all came in. That thing is really nice! If that was all they gave away it would have been totally cool to me. I need to empty it and really check it out but last night when I was looking at the bag I said, "Maybe this means I'm going to be traveling."

Now, if someone will just call about that free trip to the Gulf Coast.....