Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cutting, Pinching, Planning

This was the view from my lounge chair on the patio late this afternoon around 4 or 5 p.m. I'd been there for most of the day. I have Sarah for the weekend because her mom is sick and we didn't get up in time for church. She was disappointed and so was I but I was lucky to get up at all. Once breakfast was over and we read a bit of the Bible, we headed out back and there we stayed, she all over the  place, talking non-stop while I lay in a chair and tried not to move more than necessary.

My back is killing me and I've had leg cramps off and on all day. I cut the yard yesterday, well the back yard. Mike did the front and the weed trimming. We also dug out the flower bed. I will be putting in the flowers this week. I'm itching to get to that. However, setting up the bed nearly did me in.

We had to do more than dig out the bed. That was actually fairly easy. The ground was soft from all the rain. Mike dug out the area and put the dirt in my John Deere wheel barrow and Sarah and I shifted the dirt around, removing grass and breaking it up. My sister, Phyllis showed up to help. She shouldn't have but I was glad she did. We had to pull the lattice off the front and clean out small trees that were growing under the porch, take the staples out and clean the lattice. We lay a ground cover under there to prevent a return of the growth. We rehung the cleaned and bleached lattice on nails so it will be much easier to remove should we need to do so. Then, we put the dirt back in the bed and added edging stones. It looks nice. The price... lots of pain and exhaustion by the time we were done. We broke the wheelbarrow but I think I can repair it. It is plastic and the bolts broke through the holes. I think if I buy large washers and some longer screws we can repair it and get a couple more years out of it. I got it free last year. Now I know why.

The end result of Saturday was that I was nearly dead by the time I got to bed. I'm still having some pain and swelling in my hands from the RA but all the rest is simply the result of using muscles too long dormant. My lower back has been a problem for years because my core is simply not strong enough. Last week it was Latissimus Dorsi that were complaining and this week it is my lumbar region. My legs aren't happy either.

I've got to start wearing tanning lotion. I don't tan well as I tend to freckle. Always did but at least I don't get sunburned much anymore, well, only mildly. But I'm getting a lot more sun these days and it helps my mood. My levels were over the limit and my doctor stopped all my Vitamin D supplements. That's the first time in nearly 7 years that I've been off D.

I've had a great couple of weekends in some ways. It is rewarding to see things come together here at the house. I love working outside and doing things. I just don't often feel well and I have to have help with things I want to do myself. And there is nothing like asking people who don't really want to help you to help. It's frustrating and I usually just let things go because of that. But for a few weeks now I've really got some things pulled together and it feels nice. All but the part where I feel like I've been run over by a bus. That's not so good.

Tomorrow I got back to work and I wish I could have more time at home. However, this weekend I've finally realized that I don't have many choices about the course my life takes. I never did have many choices to start with but now there are virtually none. I can stay at this job and have the money I need to continue to live securely as long as the job last. Or I can leave, tighten my belt, and maybe enjoy what life I have left to me.

When someone as close as a spouse dies you are faced with how very tenuous life really is and how very fast it can end. You try and make the most of it by going forward but every step cost you. For a long time I didn't much care one way or the other except other people relied on me for help. I couldn't lie down and die. So I went to work in an environment that has become increasingly toxic. If you look at the blogs there was a point about three years ago when it seemed I was making my way out of that dark pit into which Death had tossed me. At some point, something happened and suddenly I'm was in worse shape than I was when Jerry died. I can truthfully say I have never, ever been as sick in my life as I have been in the last two years. And it isn't over. I don't know if it will ever be better again.

I kept counting the dollar cost of leaving this job and taking my retirement. It will be a cut of  more than 50%. Think about that for a second. I won't mention my salary here but think about your own income. This month you have your normal income. Next month, you get 50% of it and from now own that is what you live on. Could you do it?

I'm sick of the graft, the favoritism, and the outright fraud. If you had any idea how much of it is going on both inside your government and by those receiving government assistance, you'd be horrified. It really is worse than you think. The money pours out of the federal coffers at a rate I can't begin to explain and into the hands of the most undeserving people I've ever met. They have created some of the most elaborate methods to lie and cheat that you'd not believe me if I told you.

Then you have those in charge who actually tell people how to cheat the system. Don't think it isn't happening. It is. All over this country. And I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being told I'm harsh when I make a decision to terminate assistance from a lying, cheating, fraud and told, "I'd do the same thing" by those in charge. I'm tired of being ridiculed because I refuse to accept that attitude or excuse the guilty. I'm tired of being made to feel like I've committed a crime when I when I refuse to accept as fact something the PTB say is true when I know for a fact it isn't. I'm sick of managers who "bend the rules" to suit their own agendas. I've worked in this environment for 15+ years and it wasn't like this when I started. The last 10 years I have seen it escalate to the point that I'm horrified that so many people are thieves and liars. I'm disgusted by management that is no better than the lying thieves getting the assistance.

Can I live off half the income I've been living on for the last 5 years? I think, if I don't try, I'll die anyway, a lot sooner. So, I've spent the last several days considering my options and the most attractive option is that I might live longer and happier if I quit, even if I have to pinch pennies and cut coupons. I might be able to get another job but looking around here, it is doubtful. I can't plan on it. I can't plan on anything.

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  1. I do think this job is ruining your health. And yes, it is hard to find another job out there. Hard, but not impossible.