Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Afternoon Ramble


  1. I like your video blogs. I agree with you about the news...very depressing but I think we need to be informed so I am caught in the middle. The Zimmerman thing hits a sore spot with that I think the jury was right...but I have friends who think otherwise and have made I stay quiet. I took a creative writing course and have been working on writing for a while except lately. I guess I will pick it back up when my life calms down again. Keep blogging...I like hearing from you.

  2. The most frustratingly depressing part of the news to me is the selective enforcement of laws - by all levels of our government. I mentioned elsewhere, we're ignoring our own process of check and balances. So glad to hear that you are making the plans for Austin! My concern, of course, is what "Henry" will do to impact my October schedules! Will keep you posted. (No, not too long - and not boring!)

  3. I don't visit many sites that do video blogs...............I really like to hear peoples voices because sometims.........the voice is just not what I expect. Also.........I like to listen to all the different accents, thats something thats lost in the written blog, so thanks you, and please, just carry one with the video blog :-)


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