Monday, June 17, 2013

Start of the Week

Monday is drawing to a close. The sky is overcast and a day that started with sunshine and mild temp ends with drizzling rain and 79F. It got up to 90F today, I believe. My car said 91. An auspicious start to the week, I guess

My weekend was too short and filled with distractions. At least, I felt distracted. I couldn't seem to get anything done but laundry and bills. I was behind reconciling my bank statements. Remember, I was terribly sick from February to May.I only realized I'd forgot to do them when I went in to pay bills and there they were, stacked right where I left them. I apparently had done April's statement but have no memory of doing it and I can't find the reconciliation I did anywhere. I forged ahead and did the May and June one.  I'm fortunate that nothing disastrous occurred in my account. It wasn't a perfect balance but close enough I could live with it. I'm learning that unless it is catastrophic, to just be thankful I'm not broke.

Sunday we took Sarah to church with us and she spent the afternoon in her sandbox. She loves that thing. I'm going to get a new bottom in it this weekend and she has stones to make her a little patio around it. This will save me on cutting the grass but also I hope to fix her a small table for her to have lunch on. It is unfortunate that she is an only child. She has no one to play with and there are times she feels it.

I spent the afternoon on the sofa. I fell asleep, as much as she'd let me. You have to speak to her about every 20 minutes to reassure her that you're around. I don't know why but she is very insecure. If you don't answer, she will come look for you, even if you 20 feet away, as I was.

Tonight I'm sitting here in my den with the back door open and the sound of the wind in the trees, birds singing, and the moist cool air of the evening filling the room. It is how I like it. If there house were quiet, it would be heavenly. Dave is watching a movie in the living room. He'll be done soon and go to his room so I can deal with it. In fact I'm headed for a hot shower and something comfortable. I just finished a book and was about to start another but I wanted to finish this first.

The Final Arrangement by Annie Adams is an amusing little mystery. I found myself laughing out loud in several places. I like a book that can make me laugh and Ms Adams has a knack for it. I'm going to look for more of her books.

I've done more reading lately, since I got my new phone. I have a Kindle app on it and find that using it rather than the Kindle is easier. I got the Kindle because I thought it would be lighter than carrying a book. It isn't. In fact, it is probably no lighter at all.  It is lighter than carrying 400.

Travel wise, the Kindle is only compact... you can carry more books on your vacation. Alternatively, the phone is much lighter, multi-use, and I can still access any of my books to read on it. Yes, it is a smaller screen but I can increase the font to a manageable size and I just tap the corner to turn the page. Yes, it drains the battery but the cord weighs nothing. I bought a car charger to use on trips. So with problems with should and neck pain, the phone is winning.

I think I'll go for now. I've got some things I want to do and I'm getting tired. I'll be around.


  1. I have the Kindle app on my phone too, but don't have a problem carrying my Nexus7. It is the same size and weight as my Kindle was, but has more functionality. Fits easily in my purse.

    1. I love the Kindle. It isn't the size. It is weight. I have so much trouble carrying things. Any real weight and I end up with neck and shoulder pain. I thought the Kindle might be easier on me than carrying books. It isn't except where quantity is concerned. When I travel, I carry less. LOL.

      So, for that reason my phone is actually better for me. Now to defeat the drain problem....

  2. I have the iPhone w/app as well as the Kindle. I use both - iPhone wins on the travel bit, too. Check freebies/deals on and as well as I find at least one new free book for David each day.

    There's one thing I've learned from children of divorce - they are insecure. Most believe in some way they are responsible for the divorce. I can give you a long story/example of my son's stepson. His mother had no idea, but he thought his birth was the reason for the divorce. Their world changed completely, and they are the center of their world.

  3. I am an only child and yes, at times it was rough and it is the reason that I have more than one child.

    Make sure your granddaughter has many creative things to do. I was left alone a lot when I was a child and buried myself in my room. I did a lot of drawing, wrote poems, stories, played with dolls for a long time, read books. I learned how to entertain myself. The problem with computers is the games. It's a big time waster and I truly believe it stifles creativity. Watch for that. <3

  4. I bought myself a tablet before I went away because find internet, commenting and reading quite hard on my phone, its just too small for me to deal with. But I just love the tablet, so lightweight and versitile. :-)

  5. I love my kindle....I have an older one and someday want to upgrade but I probably read 4-5 books a weeks and my apartment would fill with books if I were to actually buy them. I did buy a bunch of books (15) at the thrift store that we marked .69 and were half price...a lady standing there recommended them to me. I had never read the author...Elizabeth Peters...I am on the second book and I have enjoyed them so far. I will save the rest for my recovery time after surgery. I don't have a phone that has apps...but I don't thing I would like reading the small screen.

    1. Ruth, Elizabeth Peter is one of my favorite authors. I know you will really enjoy her books. She also writes under a couple of pseudonyms. Barbara Michaels is one and under that name she writes "ghost" stories. I grew up reading her MIchaels books and the first one I read was Amiee Come Home. Scared me and my grandmother both. I think I've read them all.

      Under Peters she writes about a woman archaeologist. I am not sure but I think there is a third name she's used but can't remember off the top of my head.

  6. You might enjoy this Peters website, Ruth.